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From Realtree Outdoors YouTube channel


I had planned on writing a brief explanation of the origins of Cupid and Cupid’s bow.  I love history, mythology, and all the factors over the centuries that combined to create our current cultural icons.  (i.e. Krampus, St. Nicholas, Eros, Yuletide, etc.)

But… honestly, the material regarding Cupid was… boring.  Very boring.  And I had decided to focus on Cupid rather than Saint Valentine because CUPID USES A BOW! (Read the title of the blog… middle word is….)

So, I was at something of a loss for a decent St. Valentine’s Day post, until I saw this…


Well, the 2013 deer season is over, for me at least, and I figured this video would sum up how I feel at this point.  I saw a LOT of really nice bucks from folks around the country through FaceBook, Twitter, etc.  Including some deer that would, for me, be a DREAM buck, taken by ten year old kids.  And I’m happy for them, really, but as for my season, watch this video…


Ok – for a couple of years, I looked at lighted nocks and said to myself ‘they are expensive, I don’t need them.’   Then a friend of mine gave me a three pack.  Now I have a hard time NOT putting them in every arrow I have, both for TARGET shooting (which would be hilarious but expensive) and hunting.

Here is Realtree Outdoors YouTube video of the benefits of having lighted nocks:


From Ike’s Outdoors YouTube page


From Realtree Outdoors YouTube channel: