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Bobby had a big grin on his face at the shop today 🙂

North American Whitetail

I saw a post by North American Whitetail – B&C’s Monster Bucks: 20 Biggest Non-Typicals of All Time and thought to myself ‘Yeah, the twenty or so people who read my blog would love to look at that slideshow!’   Then I saw a link in the middle of the post for the article – B&C’s Monster Bucks: 20 Biggest Typicals of All Time and decided that rather than post a stub with a link, I’d post a screenshot of both slideshows and link the screenshots, so that everyone can see both sets of MONSTER bucks!

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20 Biggest Non-Typicals of All Time

20 Biggest Typicals of All Time

From Field & Stream online.

Article by Scott Bestul. Uploaded on April 19, 2013


It seems like one of deer hunting’s great mysteries: Some guys pick up shed antlers like a kid collecting quarry stones, while others can’t find bone on a bet. Actually there’s no great secret, and only a little luck, involved. Highly successful shed hunters find more antlers because they spend more time at it, they cover more ground, and they have developed a specific set of skills. We can’t help you with the walking, but here are 10 tips and tricks that will get your skill set on a par with the shed-magnet guys.

Skill 1: Find the Food
Late-winter bucks are all about keeping their bellies full. So you need to find the top food sources in your grounds that are drawing in deer. In farm country, nothing tops standing crops like corn or soybeans, but even picked (though not plowed) fields of the same will hold deer unless the snow is too deep. In the big woods, focus on clear cuts and hard mast (if it’s available). The best shed hunters will tell you that a buck’s antlers are never far from his groceries.

Skill 2: Go to Beds 
It’s just as important to find winter bedding areas that offer both security cover and thermal protection. South-facing slopes are the ticket in cold climates because they allow deer to soak up a little warmth from the sun, which also keeps snow depths down for wintering deer. it’s also the first bare ground that will be revealed when the snow melts and where you might spot the first shed of the spring.

Skill 3: Scout the Drop 
Timing is everything in shed hunting. You want to find bone soon after it drops, before mice, porcupines, and other hunters get their turn. If you can glass food sources from a distance, you’ll know when the majority of bucks have dropped their antlers. Otherwise, visit prime food sources at midday, hang scouting cameras, and check your cards weekly. When your pics reveal a bunch of antlerless bucks, it’s time to hit the woods.


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Found on Hunting TV’s YouTube channel


Ok – for a couple of years, I looked at lighted nocks and said to myself ‘they are expensive, I don’t need them.’   Then a friend of mine gave me a three pack.  Now I have a hard time NOT putting them in every arrow I have, both for TARGET shooting (which would be hilarious but expensive) and hunting.

Here is Realtree Outdoors YouTube video of the benefits of having lighted nocks:

Danny finally got, as he put it, ‘a buck worth mounting!’   This is the same week I just reset my bow for 3D tournaments, but hey, I can get it set back for hunting in half an hour…

Danny put the photo on FaceBook, with the following statement: “Thanks to Hips archery targets, 323 archery and Big Deer Hunters.”


(This is from Southern Boyz Outdoors Facebook page)

“From Colton Burgess .. Hey can you please share this, this is my uncle Paul’s biggest buck he has killed. It means so much to him because his son, my cousin, Mylin Pennington passed away last year and this was a deer he was after. A nice big whitetail, I don’t know how to put this on your wall or anything so I thought I would ask you if you would. Thank you!”

click to go to Southern Boyz Outdoors FaceBook page.

click to go to Southern Boyz Outdoors FaceBook page.


Rome Smith bagged a nice buck using Big Deer Hunter’s scent products this last weekend.

Chasing does and the "Come and get" stick actually made him stop and make a scrape under my drag rag! Had 5 different bucks come to the scent this morning. Thanks for a great product!!!

Chasing does and the “Come and get” stick actually made him stop and make a scrape under my drag rag! Had 5 different bucks come to the scent this morning. Thanks for a great product!!!

Elite Predator TV Magazine will be published in a slightly different manner going forward – instead of releasing the entire edition on Elite Predator TV’s FaceBook page – going forward the magazine will be published on the website.


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