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Here is a link to Big John’s Awesome Google Calendar.

Governor’s Gun Club shoots indoor Tuesday and Thursday nights – I sent a message to see if it was ‘Tuesday Vegas round, Thursday D.A.I.R. targets’  but nobody got back to me. *shrug*

Both Days

3D – ASA McKenzie Classic – (Cullman, AL)



3D – Mountain Grace – (Hiawassee, GA) (Registration from 7:30 – 8:30, shotgun start at 9am)



Nobody. Zilch, zip, zero. Nada.



As always, here is a link to Big John’s Awesome Google Calendar.

Both Days

900 Round – NASP National Tournament – (Louisville, KY) *THIS IS Thursday and Friday, May 9th & 10th*

900 Round – Outdoor Gator Cup World Ranking Event – (Newberry, FL)

3D- Aiken Archery Club Traditional Tournament – (Trenton, SC)



3D – Bowhunter’s Supply – (Bowdon, GA)

3D – 5th Annual Broyhill Baptists Children’s Home – (Waynesville, NC)

3D – Buckeye’s Plantation/Ace Hardware – (Covington, GA)

3D – Satilla River Archery Club – (Douglas, GA)



Nobody, except for the Aiken Archery Traditional shoot 2nd day, and Gator Cup. Spend the day with (or thinking about) your mother.


Dead four ways.

Dead four ways.


As always, here is a link to Big John’s Awesome Google Calendar

3D – 323 Archery – (Douglasville, GA)
3D – Bowhunter’s Supply – (Bowden, GA)
3D – Buckeye’s Plantation (This is the ELITE Georgia Dealer’s 3D Classic) (Social Circle, GA)
3D – Elbert County Archery Club (Elberton, GA)
3D – North Forty Archery Club – (Cocheran, GA)
3D – Outdoor, Morgan Co. (No location listed)

3D – Southern Bowhunter’s Association (No location listed)


I don’t see anything in the forums for Elbert, North Forty, Morgan County or Southern Bowhunter’s Association, so these shoots may or may not be happening, if you know somebody that runs the shoot, contact them for information

I’ll also be accepting donations for March’s Outdoor Adventures – they are holding an annual clothing drive for new hunters, if you have anything, even just a pair of gloves, that you want to donate, bring it to the shoot Saturday and I’ll ship them with the stuff I already have collected.

We are doing our annual hunting clothes drive. Going on right now If you have gently used and unwanted hunting clothes or boots that are in the way we will take them. All clothes received will go towards a new hunter and or military vet that are wanting to go hunting this upcoming season. Any size, any camo pattern will do. Just inbox us for the address. Thank you in advance for your help whether you shared the post or donated.


Click to go to

Click to go to

Here’s the link to Big John’s awesome calendar

3D – Sweetwater Archery – Douglasville (Winston) GA – ASA STATE QUALIFIER
3D – Elbert county Archery club – Elberton GA
3D – Dublin Shoot (No further information)
3D – Culpepper Outdoors – Near Appling GA
3D – NGC River Bend Gun Club – Dublin GA
INDOOR – GA 4H S.A.F.E. program – Georgia National Fair & AG Center, 401 Golden Isles Pkwy, Perry, GA,

3D – Riverbottom Outdoors – Franklin GA – ASA STATE QUALIFIER
3D – Fort Gordon – Augusta area(?)
3D – Shiloh Archery club – Valdosta/South Georgia
3D – Sportsman’s Complex at Range 14 (That’s all it says ‘Range 14.’)

Both Days
3D – Davey Mountain –
3D – BowDocs – (925 Bucks Pocket Rd SE, Old Fort TN. 37362 Call : 423-584-5126 for more detailed directions)

Click the link to go the the album on our FaceBook page!

Click the link to go the the album on our FaceBook page!

Here’s the link to Big John’s awesome calendar

Both Days:
3D – Full Draw Archery

arrow right

3D – Buckeyes Plantation
Indoor: Morgon Co. Ga. Indoor Tournament

arrow left

3D – Bad to the Bone
3D – Destiny Farm
3D – NGC Gainesville Archery Club
3D – Redneck Archery Club
3D – Satill River Archery club

Click the image to go to the Traditional Bowhunters of Florida website.

Click the image to go to the Traditional Bowhunters of Florida website.

Here’s the link to Big John’s awesome calendar

Lake Oconee Golf & Archery (INDOOR – Saturday)

Sweetwater Archery (Saturday)

Riverbottom Outdoors (Sunday)

Fort Gordon (Sunday)

Amicalola Bowhunters (Sunday)

Destiny Farm (Sunday)

Ogeechee Bowmen (Savannah area – Sunday)

Davey Mountain (Friday and Saturday)

Christian Bowhunters of Georgia BANQUET (Saturday Evening)


*WHEW* Home again, finally.  The shows are fun, but when you’re on a shoestring budget, and the hotel doesn’t have hot water for two days, you get a little yearning for the power of a hot shower.  I had a LOT of fun today, including hanging out with the Martin Archery team and having my photo taken with Sara Lamson, who is the nicest person you could meet at a show.

See? I am Bigfoot sized!

See? I am Bigfoot sized!

 I’ll get into more details in the next few days as I write up new products, new companies, and some fun places in Nashville, but here are the rest of the photographs from the 2014 ATA Show. 

I will say this: the Martin recurves that I spent a lot of time shooting today reminded me of how I used to feel shooting a recurve in the 1970’s, that I could hit ANYTHING, reliably, with a stick, string, and arrow.  Loved every bow they let me shoot. (I tried to sneak off with the Nemesis, but they were watching me.)

Other great companies: Real Avid, Zippo Outdoors, Hips Archery Targets, Dead-Tek, Flex-Fletch, Ambush, Q.A.D., so many different moments to try to remember and put down for others to read.  And unlike, there was just me, with a $70 Samsung camera about the size of a pack of cards, to try to record all of this. 

Next year I’ll have a plan! (Which is what I said LAST year.  Heh…. 😉 )

I will say that I was disappointed that the building layout forced the seminars and Innovation rooms to be quite a hike from the main hall.  Several of the Innovation vendors actually took to wandering the main hall with their display, trying to get some folks to look at their product.

Oh well, onward and forward, time for the final gallery of the 2014 ATA Show!




Georgia Archery has put a lot of effort into making a Google Calendar for the year – rather than duplicate that effort, every Wednesday I’ll be providing a SHORT LIST of who’s shooting this weekend, and a link to his Google Calendar of the month.

When you open the calendar, just click on the shoot you’re interested in and a pop up will provide details and other options.

Click the photo to go to the calendar

Click the photo to go to the calendar

This weekend:

Davey Mountain

Rock Branch Archery

Sunday I’ll be heading out to the 2014 Archery Trade Show in Nashville – expect lots of photographs, and hopefully more details than last year. (And hopefully videos if possible.)