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I spent an hour or so somewhat shed hunting – I say ‘somewhat,’ because where I was shed hunting, I couldn’t actually pick the sheds up and bring them home.  That’s OK, I just wanted to FIND them more than have them.  I was looking in the area I spotted this buck last November:


I didn’t find any sheds, but I’m pretty sure I spotted him sneaking away from a patch of woods I was walking through, I couldn’t get a decent look at him, but the body language, low and steady, but still fast, with no tail flagging, just made me think that it was a mature, confident buck, just sneaking out of his patch.

I found multiple tree stands, in an area where there shouldn’t be any tree stands, and game trails that looked like the trails you find in a pasture that has been used for dairy cows for decades.

It was a fun walk, the area was much more open than the photos I took in November would lead one to believe.


I may head back, and hopefully this time, I’ll remember my camera.


‘And now for something completely different!’  Monty Python’s Flying Circus

With most serious competitors in Illinois this weekend, very few archery shoots, and none in the area I would consider ‘near’ where I live, I took the weekend off, for a given definition of ‘off.’  I made some nice pepperoni and mozzarella and basil stuffed chicken breasts yesterday, mowed the lawn, weeded the flower beds, played a few hours of Borderlands 2: Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep (trust me, it’s fun) and then the wife and I headed to Sweetwater Creek State Park for a Twilight Lake Paddle tour.

Twilight Lake Paddle

Get Outdoors Georgia
Friday, Jul 5, 2013 7:30 PM to 9 PM 

Join us for a peaceful, ranger-led outing as we watch for wading birds and enjoy the setting sun. This program is open to adults and children 6 years or older who are accompanied by an adult. You may choose a canoe or kayak for this trip. Reservations required. $15 includes gear. $5 parking. 770-732-5871.

Sweetwater Creek State Park
1750 Mt. Vernon Road
Lithia Springs, GA 30122

Now, I spent most of the 1980’s, and part of the 1990’s, in a canoe, rowboat, motorboat, or white water raft.  In the Scouts, I had badges and awards for one and five mile swims, so needless to say, I am perfectly at home on the water.  My wife, on the other hand, doesn’t swim.  (Yet she makes fun of our German Shepherd, who would probably tip-toe across MOLTEN LAVA rather than get her paws wet outside.)  But my wife DOES like to take photographs of the outdoors, and when I suggested this quick trip, she was enthusiastic about it.   We only live ten minutes from the park, so it was an easy drive over to the bait shop, and away we went.


We had a lot of fun, making the $15 per adult price tag more than worth it, got some exercise, and got soaking wet, of course.  Sweetwater Creek State Park has a lot of paddling events lined up, take a few hours and head over when you get a chance.