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(Yes, I actually typed ‘Day One: 2015’ and had to fix it…)

I don’t really make ‘New Year’s Resolutions.’  I just don’t – I’m in the latter half of my 40’s now, and probably spent 1980-2000 making resolutions that were broken (or, in my early 20’s, forgotten) very quickly.  Regardless, I had said in 2015 that I was going to get out in the woods and waters more, and generally get back to being an outdoorsman.  That didn’t happen at all, in fact, the reverse happened. Between work, foul weather, and other issues, I only managed three archery shoots and a week of bear hunting in Maine that had been planned for a year.

So, while NOT claiming it’s a New Year’s Resolution, I will make up for this lack of nature experiences in 2016.

I sent a text to Danny this morning to see what he was doing, without really having a plan.  I told him I didn’t care if we went squirrel hunting, shooting, hiking,  as long as it was outside.  We quickly decided to go sight in my new Mossberg Patriot .308, and we decided to do so up at Johns Mountain WMA, which has a public rifle range.  The weather report showed a low chance of rain, with temperatures from a low of 40 to a high of 57.

Yeah, they were being very optimistic on that high end, let me tell you, because it was cold in Atlanta, let alone an hour and a half north of Atlanta.

We drove up to the range, my first time there, and found it to be packed full, with people waiting for room at one of the four actual sit-down benches.  After about thirty minutes of people shooting, finally somebody called the range cold and folks started putting new targets out.  With no idea how long it was going to take to get a bench, and no actual range master running the show, we opted to just drive some of the forestry roads and take a look at the area, then drive home.  We did get out and walk about a few times to look at some trails, but we didn’t go far. We hadn’t brought the right clothing for a hike.

Still, I managed to get some photos, the best of which are below: some moss, a cool looking downed cedar, and a tree that looks like it eats small children who were bad for the holidays…

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…BUT… the property isn’t trophy managed, nor are any of the properties that BORDER this property.  So… do I try to take him, or let him walk knowing that (except for Jimmy and probably Danny) anyone else who spots this buck will take him?   I’m not really a trophy hunter, but I’d rather take a nice buck than no buck at all.

The backstory is – My wife bought me a trail cam last year, and I never found someplace to put it where I was comfortable leaving a $100 piece of equipment in the woods.   I am NOT a professional outdoor writer or entertainment figure, everything comes out of my family’s budget, so I don’t have a ton of extra equipment laying around.  Half of what I do use to hunt with these days I have because of being an archery staff shooter for Gable Sporting Goods.   So, this year, when we joined a lease up near Rome, GA., I was very happy to finally put the trail cam out and see what I could find.

I put the camera in a thin section of oaks that had some nicely worn trails – yesterday, I retrieved the camera, and all that was on it were six photos, leading me to think that I had three photos of me setting the camera up, and three photos of me taking the camera DOWN.   I was wrong, there were two photos of a small doe, two photos of probably a two year old buck, one creepy photo at night, and a garbage photo from taking the camera down.

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So now I have to decide whether or not to take the buck, or let him walk and *HOPE* nobody else takes him, so he can get bigger next year…

Here is a link to Big John’s Awesome Google Calendar.

Governor’s Gun Club shoots indoor Tuesday and Thursday nights – I sent a message to see if it was ‘Tuesday Vegas round, Thursday D.A.I.R. targets’  but nobody got back to me. *shrug*

Both Days

3D – ASA McKenzie Classic – (Cullman, AL)



3D – Mountain Grace – (Hiawassee, GA) (Registration from 7:30 – 8:30, shotgun start at 9am)



Nobody. Zilch, zip, zero. Nada.



As always, here’s a link to Big John’s Awesome Google Calendar.

Starting today is Georgia Southern’s Archery camp

Governor’s Gun Club shoots Tuesdays and Thursdays indoor


 Both Days

3D – Rock Branch Archery – (Elberton, GA)

3D – Harvest Archery – (Dayton, TN)

3D – Fort Gordon – (Augusta, GA) ***I think this is both days, the post just says ‘this weekend.’***



3D – 3:23 Archery – (Douglasville, GA)

3D – Bowhunter’s Supply – (Bowdon, GA)

3D – NGC – Riverbend Archery Club – (Dublin, GA)

3D – Christian Bowhunters of Georgia – (Covington, GA)

3D – Lee County Bowhunters of Alabama – (Waverly, AL)

900 – ALC Summer Series Night Shoot – (West Walton Park, Loganville, GA)




3D – NGC Banks County Archery Club – (Commerce, GA)

3D – Redneck Archery Club – (Griffin, GA)

3D – Southern Bowhunter’s Association – (No location listed)

3D – Sportsman’s Complex at Range 14 – (No location listed)


As usual, here is a link to Big John’s Awesome Google Calendar.

Both Days

3D – Full Draw Archery  First leg of the Tri-State Championship (North Georgia)*

3D – BucksToBeards Archery First leg of the King of the String series (Cleveland, Tn.)



3D – NGC River Bend Gun Club, 3rd Leg NGSOY (Dawsonville, GA)

3D – Sweetwater Archery ASA State Qualifier (Douglasville, GA)

3D – Bay Gall Sporting Clays  (Garfield, GA, and yes, it’s an archery shoot)



3D – Archery Connection (Phenix City, AL)**

3D – Redneck Archery Club (Griffin, GA)

3D – Satilla River Archery Club (Broxton, GA? Douglas, GA?)***

Gainesville Archery – International Round (Gainesville, GA)
3D – Culpepper Outdoors


* – The link is to the Full Draw thread with contact information, not the thread about this event, it seemed more useful to give folks contact and location information.

** – The link is to the Archery Connection website, again, no post in the forums.

*** – One source says Braxton, Georgia, but their posts say Douglas, Georgia.  I also don’t see a current thread about this shoot in the forums, so I linked it to their FaceBook page.


Here’s a link to Big John’s Awesome Google Calendar

Both Days

  • 3D – Bowdocs – (Shoot is located across street from 925 Bucks Pocket Rd SE, Old Fort TN. 37362)
  • 3D – Bucks2Beards – (1500 North Bucks Pocket Rd. Old Fort, TN 37362)
  • 3D – Davey Mountain Archery – (Warne, NC)
  • 3D – NGC Gainesville ASA Fed.State Qualifier – (Gainsville, GA)



  • 3D – Sweetwater Archery – (Douglasville, GA)
  • 3D – Rocky Comfort – (Address is nelms st stay on 221 coming into Louisville take right on 8th st then right on Nelms st 706-361-1675 for more info)
  • 3D – Buckeyes Plantation – (Social Circle, GA)



Target 2 - Lee, Brad and myself managed to squeeze into that 12 ring.

Target 2 – Lee, Brad and myself managed to squeeze into that 12 ring.

Here is a link to Big John’s Awesome Calendar

Both Days:
Indoor GBAA State, Evans GA
3D – Bucks 2 Beards (1500 North Bucks Pocket Rd.
Old Fort, TN)

Saturday March 8th:
3D – Christian Bowhunters of Georgia (Covington, GA)
3D – Appling Archers Critter Shoot (Appling, GA)

Sunday March 9th
3D – NGC Banks County Archery Club (No location listed)
3D – Redneck Archery Club (Griffin, GA)
3D – Satilla River Archery club (Broxton, GA)


So, nothing closer than Griffin for me, I’ll actually be spending part of the weekend finishing our new course. 🙂


Here’s the link to Big John’s awesome calendar


3D 323 Archery – Douglasville
3D Christian Bowhunters of Georgia – Covington
3D North Forty Archery Club – Cochran

3D Archery Connection – Phenix City, Alabama
Both Days
3D NGC – Soul Hunters – 2nd Leg NGSOY – (**UPDATE** “We are located at the check in station at Lake Russell WMA”)
3D Rock Branch Archery – Elberton
GAA State & JOAD – Conyers




323 Archery is sponsored by Gable Sporting Goods

Here’s the link to Big John’s awesome calendar

Both Days:
3D – Full Draw Archery

arrow right

3D – Buckeyes Plantation
Indoor: Morgon Co. Ga. Indoor Tournament

arrow left

3D – Bad to the Bone
3D – Destiny Farm
3D – NGC Gainesville Archery Club
3D – Redneck Archery Club
3D – Satill River Archery club

Here’s the link to Big John’s awesome calendar

Lake Oconee Golf & Archery (INDOOR – Saturday)

Sweetwater Archery (Saturday)

Riverbottom Outdoors (Sunday)

Fort Gordon (Sunday)

Amicalola Bowhunters (Sunday)

Destiny Farm (Sunday)

Ogeechee Bowmen (Savannah area – Sunday)

Davey Mountain (Friday and Saturday)

Christian Bowhunters of Georgia BANQUET (Saturday Evening)