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I loved this product – it’s a hollow handle, with multiple kits available. One for limb-trimming/sawing, one for game processing, etc. The blades change in a similar fashion to an X-Acto blade, and there is an accessory which enables you to use any limb roughly the right size as an extension pole. Very cool!


Real Avid is offering a special on the Viscera knife for a limited time on FaceBook.

Real Avid -

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By: Hunting Network – 6/13/2012

Hunters know that field dressing or skinning a game animal after dark is no easy task.  If you’re alone without a hunting buddy to hold the light for you, or without a headlamp it can be nearly impossible.  Thanks to Real Avid and their lighted knife technology, this tough task just got a whole lot easier.

Real Avid made history with its Revelation LED-lighted knife, making it safer and easier for hunters to field dress game after dark. Now, they are introducing the Revelation AMP 3-in-1 Field Dressing Knife and the Revelation AMP Folding Knife.

“A lot of hunters prefer a folding knife,” says Howard Tripp, Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Revo Brand Group. “And of course, a lot of game is found and field dressed after dark.”