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With both Redneck Archery Club and Bad to the Bone shutting down this year (if I hear any change I’ll post an update), it looks like the only shoots within an hour of my house are River Bottom Outdoors and Sweetwater Archery.  I’m not certain about the Bowden Bowhunter’s Supply shoot, I’ve never driven out to their location since their shoots were almost always on top of our 323 Archery shoots, but according to Google Maps the center of Bowden is 56 miles away from me.


River Bottom Outdoors – December 2015

I’ll be doing more posts this year – last year was a very light ‘outdoors’ year for me, other than the bear hunt and three archery shoots, I didn’t really do much. The bear hunt was fantastic, but flying to Maine forced me to really, really go minimal on gear and clothing, and I would have liked to explore North Maine Woods more than I did the last two trips.

This year will be much, much different. I’m getting outside more often and ranging further than ever.  To start with, my wife bought me a gift certificate to hunt with Hog Wild USA – I’ll be contacting the outfitter shortly to figure out the details of the hunt.  I still don’t know if I am going to hunt with my bow or rifle, I have a new Mossberg Patriot .308 that I’m itching to use, but part of me wants the quiet intensity of using my PSE Freak SP instead.

1919172_1243314879017110_5098565386199790728_nAnyone who has a request or comment can visit the 323 Archery FaceBook page – if you want photos of your outdoor activities uploaded to the site (or the Gable Fishing website) just let me know through FaceBook and I’ll get right on it.

In the meantime, I’ll be practicing with my PSE Xpression and enjoying every minute I can get out in the woods.

Good luck and be safe in your outdoor activities in 2016!

(I’ll be somewhat scarce this weekend: I’m going to try to shoot Sweetwater EARLY Saturday, but I have to pick my daughter up at the airport at 1pm.  Sunday, I have a project for work that I have to do at 6am. On Sunday. Six. A. M. *sigh*)

Here is a link to Big John’s Awesome Google Calendar!


Indoor – Governor’s Gun Club shoots indoor Tuesdays and Thursdays – I believe practice starts at 6:30 – shoots start at 7pm. From what I’m told Tuesdays are Vegas targets, Thursdays are the 14-12-10-8 ASA indoor targets. (D.A.I.R. targets)


JOAD – This week is also the Outdoor 130th US National Target Championships: Easton JOAD Nationals and US Open in Hamilton, Ohio. (Wed-Sun)

3D – Riskyb posted a 3D pickup shoot at Charlie Elliot Friday morning – just a fun shoot at the Wildlife Management Area for anyone who is interested.


Both Days

3D – Davey Mountain Archery – (Warne, NC) (Davey Mountain FaceBook Page)

3D – BowDoc’s Archery – (Cleveland, TN)

3D – Bucks2Beards – (Old Fort, TN)



3D – Sweetwater Archery – (Douglasville, GA)

3D – Buckeyes Plantation – (Social Circle, GA)

3D – Destiny Farm Archery (Coon Shoot) – (Thompson, GA)

3D – Elbert County Archery Club – (Elberton, GA)

3D – Soul Hunters – Church Shoot – (No location listed)



3D – Riverbottom Outdoors – (Franklin, GA)

3D – NGC Amicalola *4th leg of the NGA Shooter of the Year* – (Dawsonville, GA)

3D – Shiloh Archery – (Hahira, GA) ***CANCELLED – per the post on their FaceBook page July 3rd***




As always, here is a link to Big John’s Awesome Google Calendar. 


Indoor – Governor’s Gun Club– Thursday night Indoor Shoot (Powder Springs, GA)

Indoor – Monroe’s Archery – Thursday Night Jackpot Shoot (Barnesville, GA)


Both Days

3D – NGC Gainesville (Gainesville, GA)  ***ASA Federation Georgia State Qualifier***

3D – Bucks2Beards (Old Fort, TN)

3D – Full Draw Archery (Alabama? No location listed – call David Hastyfor 706-463-2950) ***Tri State ASA Qualifier – Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee***



3D – 323 Archery – (Douglaville, GA) (Yes, this is us!)

3D – Bowhunter’s Supply (Bowdon, GA)

3D – Buckeye’s Plantation (Social Circle, GA)  ***CANCELLED***

3D – Christian Bowhunters of Georgia (Covington, GA)

3D – Culpepper Outdoors (th0mpson, GA)

3D – Elbert County Archery Club (Elberton, GA)

GAA – ALC Summer Series Night Shoots (Loganville, GA)



3D – Archery Connection (Phenix City, AL)

3D – Southern Bowhunters Association (no location listed)


If there isn’t a link, I didn’t find a post in the Georgia Outdoor News forum.

Lee's Obsession

Lee’s Obsession

As always here is a link to Big John’s Awesome Google Calendar.

Well, this weekend is slim. Anorexic. Ghost-like.  The London, Kentucky Pro/Am is this weekend, and there are VERY few other items on the calendar or the forums.

Both Days

3D – Archery Shooters Association Pro/Am (London, KY)*



900 Round – ALCHORNETS Summer Nightshoot series (Loganville, GA) (Web page for the event is HERE,  GON.COM forum post HERE)

3D – NGC River Bend Gun Club (Dawsonville, GA)




3D – Bowdocs Archery added a shoot this Sunday, June 1st. (Old Fort, TN)




* Yes, I know what the full name of the shoot is, but neither of those companies sponsor me….

I shot with R.C. Saturday – had a good time too.  The good folks that run the Cystic Fibrosis charity shoot tagged along to ask questions about archery and see the course, so for once, somebody else took the pictures… I’ve left out the ones that make me look like I’m smuggling a Volvo under my shirt. (I keep working on loosing weight, so far, the weight is winning.)

Well, I shot better than I have been – I was even at the half, and even at target 32 I was only 8 points down, then I had a few moments of *durHEE!* and ended up 23 down, but I had a great time, and improved my shot sequence.  Here are the photos, including one of myself from Melinda: I have to say, if you’ve never tried to SHOOT a competition and take photos of it at the same time, you really don’t have a good idea of how hard it is to find more than ‘the folks I’m shooting with, their equipment, the group in front of us, the group behind us and a little dog too’ to photograph really is.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hips Archery Targets has a new website: stop by and take a look! (Click the image to go to the website)


You can buy Hips Archery Targets at Gable Sporting Goods, we have them in stock now!


OMG! One day late!  (Blame Microsoft SCCM and the PXE boot process, I put about 10 hours into trying to build a server yesterday. *shrug*)

As always, here is a link to Big John’s Awesome Google Calendar.

Both Days
3D – ASA Brunton Shoot Out – (Paris, Texas)

3D – Riverbottom Outdoors “Big 40” (Frankin, GA)

3D – Davey Mountain Archery

3D – Bowdocs (Cleveland TN)



Field – Outdoor Gainesville – 900 Round

3D – Bucks to Beards *FREE* Kids shoot



3D – Destiny Farm Archery ****CANCELLED****

3D – NGC Banks County Archery Club

3D – Shredding Foam to Heal a Home Benefit (Griffin, GA)



As always, here is a link to Big John’s Awesome Google Calendar

3D – 323 Archery – (Douglasville, GA)
3D – Bowhunter’s Supply – (Bowden, GA)
3D – Buckeye’s Plantation (This is the ELITE Georgia Dealer’s 3D Classic) (Social Circle, GA)
3D – Elbert County Archery Club (Elberton, GA)
3D – North Forty Archery Club – (Cocheran, GA)
3D – Outdoor, Morgan Co. (No location listed)

3D – Southern Bowhunter’s Association (No location listed)


I don’t see anything in the forums for Elbert, North Forty, Morgan County or Southern Bowhunter’s Association, so these shoots may or may not be happening, if you know somebody that runs the shoot, contact them for information

I’ll also be accepting donations for March’s Outdoor Adventures – they are holding an annual clothing drive for new hunters, if you have anything, even just a pair of gloves, that you want to donate, bring it to the shoot Saturday and I’ll ship them with the stuff I already have collected.

We are doing our annual hunting clothes drive. Going on right now If you have gently used and unwanted hunting clothes or boots that are in the way we will take them. All clothes received will go towards a new hunter and or military vet that are wanting to go hunting this upcoming season. Any size, any camo pattern will do. Just inbox us for the address. Thank you in advance for your help whether you shared the post or donated.


The Hips Archery Targets we ordered at the ATA show have arrived and are in the store now!  I love these things, they’re good for field points or broadheads.  I’ve put well over a year of practice into the Hips target I have at home, and it’s STILL stopping arrows without a problem. The last bag target I bought lasted three months.


I put a three spot face on the target to test my new scope

I put a three spot face on the target to test my new scope