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Wow, I did NOT realize how long I’d gone without posting an update. I’ve done several hikes, been at the NRA Annual Meeting, done some bowfishing, and gone to Key West (curse you, Sea Urchin!) since my turkey season post.

Rather than blather on and on, I’ll just build a quick photo gallery.  No, that isn’t me getting married, it’s my youngest sister-in-law, I’m the fat guy in the hat, the Hawaiian shirt and sunglasses in the beach photo. So, here are some shots from the NRA show, bowfishing with Treetop Archery, Key West, something you should avoid stepping on, because you’ll end up in urgent care getting spines pulled out of your foot.

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by Tony J. Peterson   |  March 20th, 2014


While whitetails, elk, and other ungulates seem to get all of the love from bowhunters, the dirty little secret amongst many of us is that hogs are the most fun to hunt. They may not be the most brag-worthy trophies, but they do represent hunting opportunities laced with pure enjoyment.

Sandwiched between the end of deer season and the onset of turkey season is a window of time that is best dedicated to the procurement of fresh pork chops. Currently, feral hogs exist in appreciable populations in well over half of the states. Sightings of wild pigs have occurred in nearly every state. This leads many of us to believe that hog hunting opportunities are widespread and easy to come by, but that’s not entirely the case.


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Click the image to go to the Traditional Bowhunters of Florida website.

Click the image to go to the Traditional Bowhunters of Florida website.

Head over to GoFundMe to help Ryan Oliver cover the cost of a trip to the World Indoor Archery Championship in France.


Click the image to go to the GoFundMe page.

From Ryan’s FaceBook page:

My Archery Resume:
Ryan Oliver
Age 14
I began my archery career in October 2009 with no previous shooting experience. I made the USAA Junior Dream Team in November, 2012. My long term archery objective is to make the 2016 and 2020 Olympic Teams. Member of 2014 Cadet USAT Team. Recently made the 2014 U.S. World Indoor Championship Junior Recurve Team. Gold Indoor and Silver and Outdoor JOAD Olympian pins. Also my goal is to help grow archery into a mainstream sport and help people discover their passion for archery.
International Medals: 1
2013 Multisite Indoor Championship of the Americas
Bronze Medal
2013 Rcherz Cross-Continental Event
Gold Medal
National Medals: 12
2011 Easton JOAD Nationals
o Gold Grand Champion
o Silver ranking Round Bowman Male Recurve, Silver Team Round , Gold Olympic Round
2012 U.S Indoor Nationals: Cub Male Recurve
o Gold Cub Male Recurve
2012 Easton JOAD Nationals:
o Gold ranking Round: Cub Male Recurve
o Silver Olympic Round
o Silver Grand Champion
2013 Easton JOAD Nationals: Bronze Grand Champion
2013 Easton Foundations Gator Cup 4th Place Ranking Cadet Male Recurve *shot up a division
2013 US Indoor Nationals
o Silver in Cadet Male Recurve* shot up a division
2013 JOAD Indoor Nationals
o Bronze in Cadet Male Recurve* shot up a division
2013 AAE Arizona Cup 7th Place Ranking Round /4th Place US Ranking*shot up a division
2013 ASA Pro/Am Newberry 1st Place Youth Pins
2013 2nd place Cadet USAT Ranking
Regional Medals
2011 JOAD Regional Indoor 1st Place
2012 JOAD Regional Indoor 1st Place
2013 JOAD Regional Indoor 2nd Place
2013 NFAA Indoor Southeast Sectional 1st Place
2013 NAA Southeast Sectional 1st Place
2013 NFAA Southeast Sectional Field Championship 1st Place and Sectional Record
State Medals
2010-13 Sunshine State Games 1st Place 2013 JOAD State Championship: Gold Cadet Division
2011 State Target Champion
2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 State FITA Champion
2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 State Indoor Champion
2013 State Field Champion
2012 Easton Newberry Sports Complex Shooter of the Year: Adult Male Recurve Division
30 JOAD Club Tournament gold medals
State Records: 15 Regional Records: 3
Archery Volunteer Activities: Field crew, range maintenance and volunteer coach for Newberry JOAD Club. Para Agent 2010 and 2011 Gator Cup, Field Crew 2010,2011, 2012 Gator Cup.

…I only saw two shoots this weekend – one in Social Circle, one in Hiawassee Georgia.


Ace Hardware / Buckeye Plantation – Social Circle, GA.

“You have to go by the ACE store in Social Circle to sign up. The shoot is a few miles from the store but very easy to find.

Buckeye Plantation
1250 Jersey-Social Circle Rd.”

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Mountain Grace – Hiawassee Georgia




This is an ongoing series looking at each state from the point of view of a nonresident hunter trying to find information about deer hunting, the basic explanation is HERE.


Is the information easy to find?

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission web site is at the top of the search results.

Grade: A

Website: is it easy to use and understand?

The information a nonresident would need, how much, when to hunt, and where to hunt, is easy to find, with a logical format.  At this point, I can’t find anything that would count as a negative with this web site.

Grade: A

Does the state hold a lottery system for non-residents or are over the counter licenses available?

There are quota hunts for limited access and/or limited population game on some WMA’s. however there are also over the counter licenses available, and it’s important to note that the game limit is two deer per DAY for over the counter licenses.  (Please read the daily bag limit page carefully, it’s a bit more complicated than that, but the important part is that instead of per year, these are per DAY.)  I’m not having any difficulty finding information, which is the way a web site should be.

Grade: A

How much does it cost to hunt, and is there a short term license available?

Annual hunting licenses for residents are currently  $17.00, while nonresident hunting licenses are $151.50. Florida offers a nonresident 10 day license for $46.50, which is VERY reasonable considering you can harvest 20 deer in that period if you’re that good.  However, please note that there are separate fees for wildlife management areas, deer tags, archery hunting, muzzleloading and crossbow hunting.  Except for the Wildlife Management Area permit, which is $26.50, the rest of the fees are $5.00 each.  Clearly, Florida wants and welcomes hunters with open arms, because that is the most reasonable fee structure I’ve seen so far, though a ’10 day combo’ license for $100 that covers all of the hunting options would save Florida processing fees, and the rest of us the minor headache of filling out all the paperwork.

Grade: A

Are the hunting seasons easy to find and laid out in a logical manner?

The hunting seasons and bag limits page is easy to read, though I would suggest rearranging the table format by species, so that instead of having long, mostly empty columns, the overall table would say ‘Deer,’  with ‘archery,’ ‘crossbow,’ ‘muzzleloader’ etc down the left side, and simple dates across.  This would eliminate roughly 40% of the dead space on the page.  That’s a simple style comment, however, the system Florida has in place is readable and simple to understand, which is the way it should be.

Grade: A

Is public hunting available, if so, are the rules different? If the rules are different, are they easy to understand?

Public hunting is readily available in Florida, with links to each area laid out by geographical location within the state, Northwest, North Central, North East, Southwest and South.  Each link within these regions, such as Juniper Creek WMA, provides the information needed for area-specific rules and regulations as well as a simple map.  The regulations are provided in a format that is logical and simple to follow, however a simple improvement would be to add a second, concise copy of the rules to the map PDF as a second page, allowing hunters to print both.  The map is somewhat simple, with roads and major features provided, however a topographical map would be of more use to most hunters. What I do find interesting, however, is that there are food plots plainly marked on the map, which I haven’t seen so far out of any state game agency.

Grade: A

Are there major issues in hunting this state as a non-resident?

Unless you plan far in advance and don’t take hurricane season into consideration, I don’t see a single thing that would stop me from hunting Florida, and hurricanes aren’t Florida’s fault.  The web site is properly formatted, information is easy to find, the prices are very affordable, and there is a very small chance of icicles hanging off of any hunter’s nether regions, which can be a worry in some locations.

Grade: A

Summary: Final Grade A

Florida has certainly paid attention to the conservation dollars hunters, both residents and nonresidents, bring to the state.  Anyone with even modest computer and internet skills can find the information they would need to plan and get licensed to hunt, print the maps of the area they are planning to visit, and explore the regulations that may affect hunt planning if hunting on a wildlife management area. The costs are low, the bag limit is generous, and the seasons are simple to understand.   Now if only they could do something about the mosquitos…

 Previous states:  AlabamaAlaskaArizonaArkansasCaliforniaColoradoConnecticut, Delaware