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Well – we came home empty handed, but we had one heck of a good time.  Danny and myself spent the entire week at Joe Kurz WMA in Meriwether County, Georgia, camping and bowhunting the last week of deer at the wildlife management area.  Danny borrowed a trailer from his cousin, while I roughed it in a Wenzel Timber Ridge tent all week.

I’ve made comments before about ‘this is Georgia, I’m from the frozen north, so I usually sleep on top of my sleeping bag, not in it.’   Not last week, Wednesday night was in the mid 20’s, and Thursday night, my survival thermometer read 19′ when I woke up.  Since the ONLY really cold weather hunting gear I own is a bib-and-parka set that I somewhat doubt I could draw a bow in, we actually slept in that morning instead of hunting. (Actually, I was up around 4:30am, as usual, but we didn’t go out.)

We saw plenty of deer as a group, including a few nice ones, but they were either out of range, or at night driving back to camp. Only two of us got shots off, and neither of us came home with a deer, sad to say, but the effort was there, and we enjoyed ourselves.

Our time at Joe Kurz was great, but really, we could have spent a month there and not hunted all of the places that looked good.

New Products Used:

Zippo Outdoors: 

Cedar Fire Starters – The instructions on these disks say to break them into quarters, and use one quarter to start a fire.  Not only did they REALLY work well, several of the folks we were camping with stated that they will be buying some for themselves.

Flex-Neck Utility Lighter – We used this to basically light every single fire this weekend, whether it was the campfire, my propane stove, Danny’s camp stove, etc.  Easy to fill with butane, and very easy to use.

Elite Predator TV Magazine will be published in a slightly different manner going forward – instead of releasing the entire edition on Elite Predator TV’s FaceBook page – going forward the magazine will be published on the website.


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October 16, 2013 – from Outdoor Life

Deer Hunting: 8 Rut Myths Busted

by Brad Fitzpatrick

Photo by John Eriksson/Images on the Wildside

Photo by John Eriksson/Images on the Wildside

When it comes to hunting the rut, sportsmen far and wide hang their hats on a lot of old information. But recent whitetail research allows us to reevaluate some of these misconceptions, and the new knowledge will help us hunt smarter.

1. Small Bucks Don’t Get to Breed Does
The myth stating that only big bucks breed does has been debunked in the pages of Outdoor Life before. Because of their size and age, younger bucks are at a disadvantage when battling older bucks for does. However, there are a number of young bucks that breed does every year.

New research indicates that subordinate bucks bred does in 5 out of 6 trials. In general, the research available indicated that social dominance did not have a major impact on breeding frequency.

2. Bucks Will Cover Miles in Search of Does
It’s easy to understand how this myth came to be. For years, hunters have scouted and hunted hard until the rut, only to have that one big buck seemingly vanish forever. In reality, you’re hunting within the confines of a buck’s home range, which varies widely based on deer density and habitat. But most properties are smaller than a single buck’s range. For the rest of the year, that buck may be in hiding, but the rut causes him to drop his defenses and lose his affinity for traveling under the cover of darkness.

Bucks may travel slightly outside their home range, says Dr. Stephen Webb of the Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, but it’s a myth that they range miles and miles from home. Each buck is an individual, and movement patterns vary from one deer to the next.

3. The Moon Affects the Rut
In a journal article that appeared in The Wildlife Society Bulletin in 2012, researchers reported that does came into estrus over a period of 30 to 40 days, with a standard deviation of 12 to 13 days, and that moon phase had no appreciable affect on the timing of this.

4. Bucks Stop Eating During the Rut
With the level of caloric output expended during breeding, bucks would actually die if they stopped eating. According to David G. Hewitt of the Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute at Texas A&M University-Kingsville, bucks eat protein-rich foods in the fall in anticipation of the rut, and they continue to feed during the rut. You shouldn’t assume that all a buck is doing is chasing does.

Read the other four myths at Outdoor Life’s Master Class blog.


I’m headed back to Joe Kurz WMA for a week – cell coverage there is spotty at best, so this week will be ‘light’ on activity on the website.  I will set up several posts to auto-publish while I’m gone, including the November edition of Elite Predator TV Magazine.


I’ve got my Bowtech Insanity CPXL, Zippo Outdoors, Hips Archery Targets, and Thermacell packed (along with so much stuff, if I use 1/2 of it, I’d be surprised), and ready to go, just waiting on daybreak and a few odds and ends to fall into place and I will be headed for the camp site.   Last time I was there, Jim and I used my Real Avid Viscera to skin and bone out a doe, this time I’m hoping we see some rut activity!

By: Alan Clemons | October 30, 2013  – From Deer and Deer Hunting


We’ve written several stories this summer and had Charles Alsheimer on Deer Talk Now talking about mock scrapes, mainly because they’re so simple to make and can fire up bucks looking for a fight or a hot doe.

Well, here’s another simple, easy tip for you: Use the Wildlife Research Center Magnum Scrape Dripper and start doing it now. Why? Because bucks are curious and will at least notice, if not get a bit crazy, when you hang the dripper and hit ‘em with a 1-2 punch.

The Magnum Scrape Dripper is lightweight, has a curved tube attached with a zip tie and will hold about 4 ounces of liquid. The zip tied tube allows the liquid — your favorite doe or buck urine — to drip only during the daytime hours in good conditions. This extends the life of the scrape up to two to three weeks, depending on conditions.

See more at Deer and Deer Hunting’s website.


And, of course, the three places I look for these, they are out of stock… *sigh*  – Niko

Well, I’ve been up since about 3am with a stomach bug of one kind or another, just walking up and down the stairs is a chore, and I’m STILL packing to go to camp Saturday and part of Sunday.  A couple of other news items:

  • I’ll be making a video review and a text review of Real Avid’s Gun Boss cleaning kit in the next week or so:
  • I should be getting my Zippo Outdoors field staff package soon, I’ll check out the gear and write up a review when it gets here
  • I finally, FINALLY bought a trail camera, a Wildgame Innovations Blade 4 – I’ll mess with it a wee bit this weekend and put some notes up on that quite soon as well.

Oct_26_27_Lost Acres 005


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