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**Update** And 2016 claims Carrie Fisher as well.

So.. my 2016 goal was to get back to being an outdoorsman, and the only way to chalk that up as a win is to compare 2016 to 2015 and 2014, in which case I succeeded.  I still didn’t get out nearly as much as I wanted to or expected to, not once did I go fishing, so far no small game hunting (though if I hadn’t fallen ill over the holiday week, I would have spent yesterday squirrel hunting with Gretchen and Cinders.  I wouldn’t have actually expected to get any squirrels, or if I did get them, manage to get them INTACT, since Gretchen thinks ‘all squirrels are mine,’ but it would have been fun.)


Gretchen and Cinders when they were young.  Cinders played with toys, Gretchen would tackle him.

I did get a nice hog in January, and managed to see a nice number of deer this November,  including a stunning buck, the deer just happened to be where I can’t hunt them.   I managed three or four hikes, but that was my goal per month, not for the whole year.

We lost my father-in-law, unexpectedly young (early 60’s), which was devastating to the family: Dennis was so cool, whenever the wife and I would dream out loud about taking a vacation across Canada by train, or going to Yellowstone, Ireland, wherever, we were always including how much Dennis would enjoy it.

The world lost a vast number of celebrities of various types this year, and since George Michael passed away Christmas Day, all we can do is keep our fingers crossed for the next few days to get out of 2016 with what the world has now.

So, back to the outdoors: once again, I’m going to try to ramp up my outdoor activities in 2017.  I have six points saved for an alligator tag here in Georgia, so that should come to fruition this year, and I look forward to figuring out how that will work.  I finally have a camper shell on my truck, so taking the Woofs to outdoor adventures should be easily accomplished, and my daughter is 18 and driving, so that’s no longer on my plate.

The property in south Georgia is covered in turkey, so in a few short months, I should be able to, once again, be totally frustrated and skunked by the antics of the mighty Thunder Chicken.  For me, turkey hunting feels like those old comedy gags where there is a chase scene in a long hallway with doors everywhere, and people are going into and out of doors in a random sequence where they can never catch who they are chasing, but the people being chased can never seem to quite get away either.

Fishing will happen, even if I just have to go find a public lake and put a worm on a hook.

I also need to find property where I can fossil hunt – I haven’t done that since I was a kid, and it might be a way to lure the reclusive Wife out of the house.   She still thinks armadillos are these flat things on the side of highways.  I told her the fastest way to find an armadillo is to go deer hunting near hardwoods, where the leaves are good and crunchy, but she doesn’t believe me.

So, all in all, farewell 2016.  Here is to hoping 2017 is a better place for everyone, everywhere.

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A coyote grabs dog 10 feet from horrified woman in Morgan County.

By Brad Gill
Posted Wednesday April 23 2014, 9:48 AM

Georgia Outdoor News

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It’s uncomfortable to even think about, but try to imagine a coyote carrying off your family dog, one you’ve had for nine years…GON_dog

Bruce Weiner, of Atlanta, has owned a Morgan County farm for 20 years. While living in Atlanta, he often takes his family out to the farm to enjoy the slower-paced lifestyle.

“We’ve seen armadillos, deer, turkey, wild boar, snakes, but we’ve never seen a coyote on the property,” said Bruce.

Also 20 years ago, Bruce and his wife hired a nanny, Jennifer Lang, to help with the kids. Although Bruce’s kids are pretty much grown now, Jennifer is still the nanny. One of her current responsibilities is taking care of the dogs.

Back in February, Jennifer was at the farm and let all three of the family’s dogs outside.

“It was right at 6 p.m., right at dusk,” said Bruce. “Within minutes—she turned her back for just a second—she heard one of the dogs crying, and what looked like a big dog was taking off with one of our dogs, a 3 1/2-lb. yorkshire terrier.

“It just grabbed it and carried her off in its mouth right in front of our nanny—10 feet in front of her!”

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(As a side note, I would hate to be a coyote that tried to snatch one o’ my dogs. Brody is 90#, Gretchen 85#, and Cinders is 45#. Since this photo was taken, we’ve added a large German Shepherd to our pack.)


Brody is the dog on the left, Gretchen is in the middle and Cinders on the right. Since this photo, we've added a 90# GSD to our pack.

Brody is the dog on the left, Gretchen is in the middle and Cinders on the right. Since this photo, we’ve added a 90# GSD to our pack.

…okay…. apparently there were two squirrels with half of a tail each in our backyard, because as we were eating dinner last night, a familiar raider happened upon our bird feeders.  The wife jumped up and squinted at the furry thief, then grinned from ear to ear and said “That’s Badass Squirrel!”


That’s him: Badass Squirrel, the squirrel that attacks hawks

Now, we have to open the backdoor and make some noise before letting the dogs out, to give the tree rats a running start.

Still, I’m happy that the dogs took out ‘the wrong’ squirrel Sunday.  The look on Cinder’s face was priceless though, he thought he’d finally earned some ‘street cred.’

"Wait a minute...."

“Wait a minute….”


Dog Shaming

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(This has nothing to do with hunting or archery. It’s funny though…)

I saw a post on FaceBook the other day with a link to a site called “Dogshaming.”  If you have pets, it’s worth an HOUR of your time to look through these.


Click this photo to go to Dog Shaming

So I had a plan to scout yesterday, but to paraphrase Terry Pratchett, it was more of a “PLN!”

“Whut’s the plan, Rob?” said one of them.
“Okay, lads, this is what we’ll do. As soon as we see somethin’, we’ll attack it. Right?”
This caused a cheer.
“Ach, ’tis a good plan,” said Daft Wullie.” (The Wee Free Men, 2004)

The plan was somewhat simple – head to camp (2+ hour drive), look about a bit, make sure nothing had been broken, stolen, or chewed up by pesky critters, move a feeder and check a few stands.  But here’s the complication, it’s summer, my daughter is here for another two weeks, and we really haven’t done much this summer, so the plan includes taking the wife, daughter, and all four woofers with us.  So now it’s go for a walk at camp on the main trails with four big dogs, the wife and daughter, and then when they’re tuckered out dash off, move a feeder, fill it, check one stand, and get back before they get bored.

Heh. Yeah, I thought the same thing you just did before we ever left the house, but what the heck, it was worth a try. 🙂

Here are the woofers involved:

L to R – Brody (GSP), Gretchen (Blue Tick/Black Lab), Zelda (GSD) These are our three rescue dogs

This is Cinders (GSP), he’s our only non-rescue dog, he’s seven years old, but his nickname is still ‘da puppy.’

We’ve been trying to get these critters more trail-savvy, so we decided that we’d use our hunting dog training collars today and only use leashes if needed.  It worked out very well, with Brody, Gretchen and Zelda staying mostly close to us, while Cinders zoomed everywhere, but came back close every time we asked him to. (We were worried about Zelda mainly, this is where she was found at five months old, wandering around with a bad skin infection, missing a lot of fur and skinny as a rail.  Over the last year of veterinarian care, we’ve discovered that she’s allergic to everything. If she catches a rabbit, she’ll most likely explode.)

Our camp is in Taylor County, GA, and by ‘our camp’ I mean where I’ve been given permission to hunt. The property belongs to one of my friend’s uncles, 875 acres of rolling hills covered in oak, pine, and sweet sand.  Oh yeah, and deer, coyotes, armadillos, squirrels, turkey, and crows.   We have over twenty ladder stands out that we maintain and move if we find a better spot, good trails wide enough for a pickup truck over half of the property, wide enough for golf carts where it’s too narrow for a full size vehicle.

Yesterday, it actually felt like it was on the surface of the sun.

It was in the mid 90’s, with about 60% humidity, which is far lower than the temperature when I was in Herat, Afghanistan, but the humidity made the temperature miserable.

We walked from the cabins to what we call Beaver Gulch, both to look at the area and because I had remembered (wrongly) that the creek down at the bottom was shallow and had a few small pools in it for the dogs to drink from. We had water with us, but the biggest dog was starting to breath fast and hard, so I wanted to get him cooled down as soon as possible.  The stream bed was barely damp, so we turned back around and headed for the beaver pond in the middle of the property. At this point, I have to say that I failed in my duty to take some good video or photographs, because I was starting to melt too, but let me say this – a fat dog jumping in a beaver pond and paddling around while he drinks was a pretty amusing sight.

I gathered up a Moultrie feeder  on the way through to the beaver pond, an older bucket ‘on demand’ feeder, but at this point, I figured I wouldn’t be able to get it where I wanted it during this trip.  At least I could have it near the cabin for the next trip though, so I lugged it along with us.

At the cabin, I took some photographs of bucks that have been harvested either from the camp, or near the camp, that we have on the wall.  Hope everyone enjoys these bucks as much as we do!

V-Tine – Last year’s ‘big boy’ from our camp.

Now the new plan is to go back in a week or two and set up the feeder, put out a mineral block or two and check the stands I meant to check today.  Next time, though, I’ll leave a lot earlier, and use the golf carts, and for that trip, sadly, the woofers will have to stay at home.

Hunting dogs

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(…I posted this as a demonstration of the WordPress app on my Android phone.  Yeah, those dogs (2 of my 4) are working HARD at the moment. Notice my oldest German Shorthair Pointer, Cinders (center) has shoved a pillow onto Zelda (German Shepherd, just out of frame to the right, you can see a bit of her leg) so he can sleep on the pillow, on Zelda.  The Blue Tick Hound on the left is Gretchen.  All of our current 12 critters are rescues except the horse and Cinders.)