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Like a lot of hunters, I spend a good amount of time dreaming of hunting somewhere else – I grew up in Northeast Ohio, hunting rabbits, squirrel, pheasant, and whitetail deer until the mid 1990’s, then I moved to upstate New York, and eventually back to Ohio and finally Georgia, but I haven’t hunted in Ohio since probably 1993, so twenty-five years give or take.

This year, when looking at various options here in Georgia and other states, I was lamenting not having a good place to hunt, and not having the budget to get in on a decent hunting lease, when on a whim I looked up the price for non-resident Ohio hunting licenses with deer tags, and the answer was under $200 for the general hunting license and one either sex deer tag.  I posed that on FaceBook, and the next time I called to talk to my folks in Ohio, the first words out of my dad’s mouth were something like ‘what took you so long?’


My dad is, at this point, 76 year old. He doesn’t use Facebook. He doesn’t know what Twitter is and probably would have to think for a few minutes to explain the term ‘social media’ to somebody if pressed.  He is a retired automotive factory worker and U.S. Army National Guard first sergeant, he doesn’t like computers much, and uses a pay-as-you-go box store flip phone like the old Motorola Razr style, and by ‘uses,’ I mean ‘hates, uses it as little as possible, and would probably prefer to throw it in a river.’  My point is that my step-mom or uncle Phil had to tell him ‘hey, Niko is thinking about hunting in Ohio this year.’

So, with a little planning, we set up the trip. I would stay at the house in Hartford, Ohio, and hunt with dad at some of his favorite places.  The easiest way to describe dad’s health isn’t to list all the things that aren’t working, it’s to say ‘he has one good shoulder, and gets around with the help of a 5′ walking stick he cut himself from a sapling.’  He uses a Barnett Recruit crossbow because it’s light enough for him to carry, and usually takes a darn nice buck with it every year.  He’s average height and weight, too, and for those of you who have met me in person, is nothing like me physically. When we stand side-by-side, I look like Shrek standing next to Robert De Niro.  Despite his health issues, the Saturday I was in Ohio, we left the house at 1:15 in the morning, drove over an hour to pick up Dan, Bill, Edna and Cindy, some of Dad’s Amish hunting friends, and then drove to their property in central Ohio, hunted all day, then drove back, dropped them off, and drove back to dad’s house, a 26.5 hour long day.

We hunted four properties, three in Trumbull County, in the townships of Greene, Johnston, and Hartford, and one property in Tuscarawas county south of Canton. In the time I was there, I saw deer every single day, all but three does, and never drew my bow. I had my release hooked to the d-loop three times, twice, a few minutes apart trying to get a shot at a small six-point while being watched by several nanny-does, and the third time trying to get a shot at the same six-point the last night I was there.  The nanny-does had been spooked by both the doe-in-heat drag we used and a decoy set up off to my right, and that spooked the six-point enough for him to stick to cover the first time, the second time, all of the good acorns were apparently in the underbrush where I couldn’t get a clean shot.  I also watched four gobblers make their way across a field, and saw more raccoons than I thought I would ever see in my life.  When I asked dad about that, he said ‘people used to hunt them, now nobody does, and they’re everywhere now.’ I must have seen fifty or more road-killed raccoons, probably two dozen road-killed opossums, and multitudes of deer while in Ohio.

Still the trip was a great amount of fun, with lots of nostalgic moments driving around the area that forms my childhood memories. I would have liked to come home with a couple of coolers full of venison (I could have purchased additional tags for $42 each, up to a total of three), but that’s ok, I came home with memories.


For 2016 – the Georgia Department of Natural Resources is instituting a game check system: all turkey and deer MUST be entered on your harvest record and checked through the Game Check system within 72 hours.


I also see two new Wildlife Management Areas and a new Outdoors Georgia app.

The new WMA’s are Altama Plantation, “The Georgia Department of Natural Resources recently announced the opening of a 3,986-acre tract in Glynn County along I-95 and the Altamaha River, known as Altama Plantation WMA.” (, Jan 7 2016 )and Buck Shoals WMA. (The only ‘good’ information on Buck Shoals that I can find is above in the PDF.)



Yeah, no. Just no.  The wife and I took a drive up to John’s Mountain yesterday, specifically past the shooting range, which was packed as usual, and drove up through that section.  The WMA road at that point hits a ‘T’ intersection that dead ends in both directions, but Danny and I drove it in January and spotted some decent deer sign at the time, so I wanted to peek around during the summer.

It rained off and on yesterday in that part of Georgia, which simply turned it into a sauna. When I did get out of the truck, it was like having five layers of steamed wool blankets dropped on my head.  Between the heat, and the dense foliage, all we managed to see was some deer at Berry College as we drove by, and my favorite tree.


My hat is off to folks who can scout when it’s 95′ with over 60% humidity.  I can do it, but without a specific goal in mind, such as ‘I know a piece of property very well, I just need to check traffic patterns, or a trail camera, at THIS spot,’ I’m not going to randomly wander about and sweat without a reason.

Hopefully, we’ll get a few cooler days in the weeks ahead, where I can get into out into the woods without doing a Frosty impersonation.

Good luck this weekend down at Riverbottom Outdoors

I only shot two qualifiers this year, and didn’t qualify, after that family issues and work ate up my time and I haven’t been to a 3D shoot since, but best of luck to everyone, and remember to BE SAFE!



(Sorry I’ve been absent lately, much to do and little time to do it in.)

It’s that time of year again: time to put in for quota hunts or add to your preference points!


Click to go to the Georgia DNR Quota Hunt page

Remember – if you just want to build preference points, select a quota hunt, but don’t select a hunt choice – the system will automatically add a preference point to your account after the close of open registration.

(I see a note in the forums that CBG is cancelling their shoot for this weekend due to a scheduling conflict on the property.)

Lots of shoots this weekend: nothing within easy driving distance o’ my house though.



Both Days

Bucks 2 Beards Archery

Everyone make plans to attend this weekends Tri State GA/TN/AL ASA Qualifier at Bucks2Beards located just north of Chatsworth Ga on the south side of Cleveland TN
we will have the same range that ASA shoots with all the current targets …make plans to come out we will be giving away special gift cards this weekend for Outback steakhouse and Sons of Grant sporting goods to some lucky shooters !!!! for more info

North Forty Archery 2 Day Shoot- May 14 & 15

We will be having our 2 Day Multiple Registration shoot this coming weekend (May 14 and 15). Shoot as many times as you would like, and we will keep your highest score. We will have reduced entry fees for multiple rounds. We will have a raffle for a Black Elite Synergy bow that will be drawn on Sunday, May 15th. The tickets will be $20.00 each. Buy several tickets to increase your chance to win this great bow! Look forward to seeing everyone!



Hart County Archery

Shooting this Saturday 8-3pm. It’s a good set up. See you then!
Elias P Jenkins rd, Hartwell Ga

Crossroads Church Bow Shoot

Bow Shoot

Allens United Methodist 3D Shoot

Saturday May 14th Registration open at 12:00 shoot starts at 1:00.Shotgun start 20 3D targets Range.Sportsman dinner to follow the shoot(donations only)Kids and adult long shot competition.Great food and giveaways.Location is 15577 Highway 106 Martin Georgia 30557. Come out and have some great food and fellowship.



Diamondback Archery Shop

Diamondback Archery Shop 3D shoot schedule. Address will be Superior Way Thomson GA 30824
February 7
March 20
April 10
May 15
June 19
July 17
August 14
Classes will be known 50 money, Open money/trophy men/women, Hunter, Youth, Cub, Traditional, Crossbow Money class . Known $25, Open $20, Adult trophy classes $15 Youth $10 Cubs $5 There will be a top5 shoot down for the Known money. Registration 9-2 drinks and food available James 706-872-4336. Olin 706-361-1675

Gainesville Archery Club – ASA Qualifier

We’ll be hosting Qualifier Sunday 5/15/16
registration 8:30-3:00
Guest class for those not qualifing

Both Days

I don’t see anything in the forums for both days.


Refuge Archery Shoot

It’s that time again.The shoot will start at 8:30 til 2:30.Come out and shoot and eat some great BAR-B-Q and have some great fellowship.We are located at 8875 Hwy 82 spur in Maysville Ga 30558.Hope to see you there

Noble Archery: Archery Fest 2016

ARCHERY FEST 2016 : This archery tournament will be paying back CASH the top three places in each class ! All ASA rules & Classes ! It will be one 10 target course set up for compound bows only with known yardage out to 40yards ! Course two traditional only unknown out to 25 yards ! Entry fee $15 per shooter ! Everyone is welcome ! Come be a part of something great ! Archery Fest 2016 ! Amen! 423-322-8511



Sunday is Mother’s Day: no shoots that I can see.


Both Days

Riverbottom Outdoors Big 40


Come join us on Apr. 23rd & 24th, 2016 for a fun filled weekend of killing foam. We will have 2 – 20 target 3d ranges set up to test your skills. You can shoot all 40 targets in one day or split them up or just shoot 20 targets if you can’t handle the pressure.

Top Shooter – $ 50 50% Payback & Top Shooter Plaque
Open Trophy – $ 50 50%Payback
Known Trophy – $ 40 Plaque – Max. 45yrds – All Known
Hunter – $ 40 Plaque – Max. 40yrds. – All Unknown
Women’s Hunter – $ 40 Plaque – Max.30yrds. – All Known
Bow Novice – $40 Plaque – Max. 30yrds – All Known
High School – $40 Plaque – Ages 15 to 18 – Max. 40yrds
Sr. Eagle – $40 Plaque – Ages 12 to 14 – Max. 30yrds. All Known
Eagle –$15 Medallion for all– Ages 9 to 11 -Max. 20yrds
Jr. Eagle – FREE- Medallion for all – Ages 0 to 8 –Max. 15yrds.
Fun Shoot – $30
Family Price – $60 –( for a Family of 3,over three will be extra $10 each)
Shoot 20 targets for fun at half price

3-5 Shooters 1st Place, 6-10 Shooters 1st and 2nd, 11-500 Shooters 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

Camping will be available for those who choose to, their will be some Saturday Night events going on like, the Ranger shoot, Balloon Shoot, also a bon fire.

Food will be provided by RBO (Hamburgers, and Hotdogs, Chips, Drinks)



Sweetwater Archery

Well it is that time again!!! Look forward to seeing everyone again. Come out and get ready for the New Breed & Leupold Georgia Pro/Am in Augusta, Georgia Apr 29 – May 1

When: Saturday 04,23,2016
Time: Sign up any time between 8am-2pm

(As long as you have paid and going to the first target by 2:00 you can shoot.)

There will be a Concession stand at this shoot.

Where: Sweetwater Archery Club
7201 Cedar Mountain Road
Douglasville, Ga. 30134

(Across from the Douglasville Animal Shelter and the Douglasville Landfill)

Sportsman’s Outpost (Waverly, AL) (The post says ‘June 23rd,’ but I’m certain he means this Saturday)

We are having a 3D shoot this Saturday, June 23rd. It will be from 8 a.m. with the last card going out at 2 p.m. If you have not shot at the Sportsman’s Outpost there have been some real improvements this year. We have new lanes that have been cut for us to shoot in. We are looking forward to everyone coming out and enjoying a spring day with us. Sportsman’s Outpost in located off Hwy 280 in Waverly, AL.

The Refuge: The Archers for Alzheimer’s Benefit Shoot

Yes, Alzheimer’s is a terrible disease, but we are trying to help do something positive about it.

Please come and join us for a benefit, and Bow Shoot that is helping to support the Macon Chapter of The Alzheimer’s Association.
This year’s benefit happens April 23rd at the Refuge in Culloden, Ga.

Not only does our support from this benefit shoot go to help find a cure, but it also goes to support Counseling and Distribution of information to people who have the disease,
as well as people taking care of people who have the disease. This counseling and information is offered to those in need at no charge from the Alzheimer’s Association.

We work hard putting this event together and it is a good one.

So, if you like to shoot a bow, (or even if you don’t), please come and support a good cause.

There will be 2 challenging, but fun courses set through the woods with at least 20 targets on each.
One course is for Compound Bows, the other for Stickbows, Recurves and Longbows, (aka Barebows).

Rock Branch Archery (NEGA SOY)

Come on out and join us for rock branch archery last nega soy shoot. April 23 from 8 till 3ish. Hope to see you here.
2969 green acres rd
elberton,ga 30635
bobby 706-318-0610

North Forty Archery

Looking forward to the shoot this Saturday. Looking forward to seeing everyone for a great day of shooting. We will have our Boston butt sandwiches also!!!!! Come out and support the North Forty Warriors with concessions.


Gainesville Archery

We’ll be Shooting 2125 Calvary Church Rd, Gainesville GA
registration 8:30-3:00

(In my defense, I was turkey hunting Wednesday…. 😉 )

Both Days

Bucks 2 Beards

BUCKS2BEARDS ARCHERY located just across the GA line on hwy 411 is having a shoot this weekend April 9-10 we have the most up to date targets that McKenzie has available with all the 2016 ASA targets to be shot …new cores also so make plans to attend this weekend
Visit our website for more info

Buckeye’s Plantation – GBAA Spring Turkey Shoot

We are proud to be hosting the Spring 3D shoot for the GBAA again this year! Dates are April 9-10, Saturday and Sunday. This is a shotgun start tournament, shoot times both days are 9am and 1pm, with a group gathering 30mins before shoot time to discuss the round. There is a link to the early registration form on the GBAA site, early registration is recommended so that we can start without too much delay both days. Of course, you can register on site but if you do make sure you are there early!!! Format for this year is 30 targets, all known distance, 15 each round. Both rounds can be shot in one day, or you can split them one each day. You can also shoot at 9am one day and 1pm the next, or vice versa, any way you need to make it fit for you. There will be a guest class, if you are not a member of the GBAA!!!(although you will not be eligible to shoot for the championship, I will have awards for the guest class..) Pm me if you have any questions, visit the GBAA website. Looking forward to it!!



Refuge Archery Shoot

It’s that time again.The shoot will start at 8:30 til 2:30.Come out and shoot and eat some great BAR-B-Q and have some great fellowship.We are located at 8875 Hwy 82 spur in Maysville Ga 30558.Hope to see you there.


I don’t see anyone on Sunday in the GON forums.



…as a great way of getting around ‘no motor’ areas that say you must use a paddle….



A friend shared this on FaceBook – from the Ely Chamber of Commerce…..