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Just a reminder to put in for your quota hunts and/or put in for your points – the system has been ‘upgraded’ this year, so of course it’s not as easy to use as it used to be.

*WHEW* Home again, finally.  The shows are fun, but when you’re on a shoestring budget, and the hotel doesn’t have hot water for two days, you get a little yearning for the power of a hot shower.  I had a LOT of fun today, including hanging out with the Martin Archery team and having my photo taken with Sara Lamson, who is the nicest person you could meet at a show.

See? I am Bigfoot sized!

See? I am Bigfoot sized!

 I’ll get into more details in the next few days as I write up new products, new companies, and some fun places in Nashville, but here are the rest of the photographs from the 2014 ATA Show. 

I will say this: the Martin recurves that I spent a lot of time shooting today reminded me of how I used to feel shooting a recurve in the 1970’s, that I could hit ANYTHING, reliably, with a stick, string, and arrow.  Loved every bow they let me shoot. (I tried to sneak off with the Nemesis, but they were watching me.)

Other great companies: Real Avid, Zippo Outdoors, Hips Archery Targets, Dead-Tek, Flex-Fletch, Ambush, Q.A.D., so many different moments to try to remember and put down for others to read.  And unlike, there was just me, with a $70 Samsung camera about the size of a pack of cards, to try to record all of this. 

Next year I’ll have a plan! (Which is what I said LAST year.  Heh…. 😉 )

I will say that I was disappointed that the building layout forced the seminars and Innovation rooms to be quite a hike from the main hall.  Several of the Innovation vendors actually took to wandering the main hall with their display, trying to get some folks to look at their product.

Oh well, onward and forward, time for the final gallery of the 2014 ATA Show!




First of all – I found out today that next year’s ATA Show will be in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Note to self – bring a parka and WARM boots to wear when not IN the show.

Second, I’m going to TRY to make this laptop behave tonight and do more than toss 70+ photographs up with “Here they are, G’night!” for an explanation.   As usual, I ran into some friends at todays show (Sara Lamson and Darrin Brown again, Jim from Strothers, Lake Oconee Golf and Archery, Travis (T-Bone) Turner, Matt Stutzman – I say ‘friends,’ because we’re all ARCHERS – I’ve met these folks, exchanged a few words, but honestly, most of ’em couldn’t pick me out of a lineup if the rest of the lineup was comprised of average 8th grade kids. (I’m approximately Bigfoot sized. If you’ve ever met or seen Big Jim from Big Jim’s Bow Company, we’re about the same size, though exactly the opposite in quantity of hair…)

For descriptions or explanations, view the images below.  Some of the images will get more attention when I’m not working on a rickety, tiny coffee table in a $40 hotel room, Archtomic Bomb by Dead Tek for instance.

Ok – this will be brief for now, when I get someplace that has a DECENT internet connection, I’ll write more and break down the images into more coherent groups, but this hotel is apparently using a wire hanger and some duct tape for networking equipment.

I had a pretty good time today, caught up with Darrin Brown and Sara Lamson, managed to at least say ‘Hello’ to Matt Stutzman, the folks at Bowtech (New bows! RPM 360 and Carbon Overdrive!), Real Avid, and Zippo Outoors!

And now for the deluge of photographs: (I also apologize, I’m having issues with my laptop and can’t get the Gallery editor to scroll, so there are a couple of very blurry images that I’ll delete out when I’m back on my main machine.)

Georgia Archery has put a lot of effort into making a Google Calendar for the year – rather than duplicate that effort, every Wednesday I’ll be providing a SHORT LIST of who’s shooting this weekend, and a link to his Google Calendar of the month.

When you open the calendar, just click on the shoot you’re interested in and a pop up will provide details and other options.

Click the photo to go to the calendar

Click the photo to go to the calendar

This weekend:

Davey Mountain

Rock Branch Archery

Sunday I’ll be heading out to the 2014 Archery Trade Show in Nashville – expect lots of photographs, and hopefully more details than last year. (And hopefully videos if possible.)


At the ATA Show 2013, there was a room across the hall from the main show that had “Innovation 2013” signs next to both doors.  I took a walk through there the first day and meant to go back for more detailed photographs on Wednesday, but had to leave due to some family matters.  Here are some of the photographs from the Innovation room:


This was an interesting saw and blade system. Easy to swap out blades allowed one handle to be a tree saw, knife, field dressing knife, etc. etc. including a knurled adaptor that you could attach to any handy branch if you needed more reach.


These clips act much like the bottom of a pair of suspenders – open the lever and the jaws open, close the lever and the jaws can be clamped on a shirt, belt, sleeve, etc. The wire hook is for your bowstring.


This mirror mounts on the front of your bow – the middle opening is for your arrow, the top half-opening is for vision – the purpose of this is to show the turkey ANOTHER turkey, his own reflection, while sneaking up on him.


These oddly fishhook – looking devices are for retrieving packs, gloves, hats, etc. that a hunter may have dropped from a treestand. The company provides small, self-adhesive felt buttons to place on objects that aren’t made out of cloth.


Click either of these images to go to Silent Retriever’s website

I will update this post later in the day with more information about the knife, clips and retriever system: I haven’t unpacked yet, and all of the information is still in my backpack.  Back to my coffee for now.

Ok folks – it’s been a LOOOONG day – normally I would fix images a bit, rotate the ‘sideways’ images, toss out the blurry duplicates, but I am BEAT. I will fix the gallery in a few days.  That’s all for the 2013 ATA show, unless I find some cool videos from others on YouTube (and I have one video I will put up tomorrow, it’s only 11 seconds long though.)