Shoots This Weekend: March 12th & 13th 2016

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Both Days

Nothing that I see in the forums.


Blue Devil Archery ASA State Qualifier for Georgia and Florida

ASA Archery State Qualifier for Georgia and Florida
All ASA Federation classes & rules will be in effect.

20 Targets

Sign In 8:30-2:30

Concessions available.

Christian Bowhunter’s 3D

Remember if you have never shot CBG you get to shoot for FREE!
We’ll be having our next shoot March 12th.
For those unfamiliar with CBG, were one of the last true NON-profit clubs around. Our one and only goal is to spread the word of God thru Archery. Now, don’t get scared, nobody is going to whomp you over the head with a Bible were just like any other shoot but you will find some scripture at each stake. ALL proceeds from our shoots goes back into the Archery community. Please come out and support a great cause as well as have more fun than you can stand! We’re here FOR you, if anyone has questions, concerns or suggestions please by all means let one of us know.
Thanks and we look forward to seeing Ya’ll Saturday 3/12

Rock Branch Archery

Sat march 12. 8 till 2:30ish..
2969 Green Acres rd Elberton, GA 30635.
Bobby 706-318-0610
Still time to jump into the shooter of the year!!!
Come on out and lets shoot some foam…


Buckeye’s Plantation

Buckeyes will be shooting this Sunday the 13th! Still on Buckeyes property, but not in our regular location. I’ll leave specific instructions and directions tomorrow, still waiting to see if there is a specific street address, and will either draw a map, or copy a google earth map here. It’s only half mile from the gate that we usually turn in, and super easy to find. Actually in Jersey, plenty of parking, different look than the pines we’ve been in. Looking forward to it!

To all my helpers…..I’ll probably have to set the range Saturday. I know that’s CBG, so if there’s a time that’s best for every one, or at least a couple of you, let me know. My work schedule is 7am-7pm Mon-Thursday, and we’ve been working Friday lately too, looks that way again for this Friday. Can’t be helped… Just text me or send me a pm…….

Ok y’all, we are moving! Not far, just a half mile or so, it’s the backside of the farm. I’m adding a picture of a crude map, I apologize for that but there is no physical street address, since there is not a permanent structure on it. So…from Social Circle, go past the gates we usually use, on into Jersey. Watch for the speed bumps!! Through the sharp curve, past buckeyes restaurant and a convenience store on the right. Past 3 houses also on the right. There is a field just past the last house, look for our sign, and also a big sign for the Friendly Fliers R/C airfield. Turn in to your right on the dirt drive, you will see where we are set up. From Monroe, or the Loganville area, all this will be on your left. It really is easy to find. Sign in from 9-3 since time has changed. It’s possible we can set the range Friday afternoon, depending on my work schedule. Gretchen has also been wrapped up at the flower shop. Any one that can help please let me know, text or call me at 678-910-1863. If not Friday afternoon, it will have to be Saturday after the CBG shoot. Y’all come on out!

Fort Gordon

Registration 9am to 2pm. Come on out and have some fun!


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