My goal was to at least shoot a 200.  I didn’t make my goal, but, as always with archery, I learned some more (or I should say ‘re-learned,’ since what I was doing wrong that cost me 10 points yesterday is something I know not to do, my release-hand wasn’t positioned correctly on my jaw, it was rotated flat instead of the first two knuckles being against my jaw.) and had a great time.   My eyes are getting worse though: the clarifier that worked just fine a year ago doesn’t work very well now, and all I’m seeing through my scope is a blur.

Eh, another year, more gear to buy, that’s archery in a nutshell. 😉

I didn’t take much in the way of photos, once we started shooting, I really didn’t think about it much other than one shot where we had three arrows in the 12 ring at the same time.



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