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I only see two shoots this weekend: Rock Branch and North Georgia Traditional Archery Club.  The Rock Branch shoot is part of the new NE Georgia Circuit. (For more information on the NE Georgia Circuit, click HERE.)

January 2nd & 3rd

9am – 2pm

Rock Branch Archery
2969 Green Acres Road
Elberton, GA 30635
Contact Bobby 706-318-0610

Money Classes will be $25 and Trophy Classes will be $15

January 3rd

North Georgia Traditional Archery Club
2295 Lee Land Road
Gainesville, GA 30507

All shoots are traditional equipment only
(Longbow, recurve, self bow)

Shoots are non-competitive with the exception of the August shoot (Club Championship)

Shoot Fees
Members – $5 each
Non-members – $10 each
Family of 4 or more – members – $15 max
Family of 4 or more – non-members – $25 max
First time shooters at our club are always free.

Lunch is always available during the “lunch hour” for a $5 per person donation to help defray the cost of food.


With both Redneck Archery Club and Bad to the Bone shutting down this year (if I hear any change I’ll post an update), it looks like the only shoots within an hour of my house are River Bottom Outdoors and Sweetwater Archery.  I’m not certain about the Bowden Bowhunter’s Supply shoot, I’ve never driven out to their location since their shoots were almost always on top of our 323 Archery shoots, but according to Google Maps the center of Bowden is 56 miles away from me.


River Bottom Outdoors – December 2015

I’ll be doing more posts this year – last year was a very light ‘outdoors’ year for me, other than the bear hunt and three archery shoots, I didn’t really do much. The bear hunt was fantastic, but flying to Maine forced me to really, really go minimal on gear and clothing, and I would have liked to explore North Maine Woods more than I did the last two trips.

This year will be much, much different. I’m getting outside more often and ranging further than ever.  To start with, my wife bought me a gift certificate to hunt with Hog Wild USA – I’ll be contacting the outfitter shortly to figure out the details of the hunt.  I still don’t know if I am going to hunt with my bow or rifle, I have a new Mossberg Patriot .308 that I’m itching to use, but part of me wants the quiet intensity of using my PSE Freak SP instead.

1919172_1243314879017110_5098565386199790728_nAnyone who has a request or comment can visit the 323 Archery FaceBook page – if you want photos of your outdoor activities uploaded to the site (or the Gable Fishing website) just let me know through FaceBook and I’ll get right on it.

In the meantime, I’ll be practicing with my PSE Xpression and enjoying every minute I can get out in the woods.

Good luck and be safe in your outdoor activities in 2016!

Merry Christmas from 323 Archery (pretty much Clay and myself) and Gable Sporting Goods!


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