Bear Hunt 2015 – What Will I Forget This Time?

Posted: 09/04/2015 in Black Bear, Camping, Gable Sporting Goods, Gear
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It’s sad, but fun at the same time – I always forget SOMETHING.  Usually something amazingly goofy, but not actually a deal breaker.  Once it was my sleeping bag (which I don’t need on this trip), another time I got 20 minutes from the house and realized that my tree stand was still sitting in the garage.

I’ve done this so many times that it’s now a game. I make a list about a month out, edit it and add or take things off, then when I pack, I usually see something that HAS to go with me, or realize “Oh, crap, I never put my camera gear on the list!” and have to find room for a camera bag and whatnot. Sometime’s there’s a facepalm moment of ‘Oh CRAP!’  other times, I only realize that I should have brought something when, at the end of the trip, I realize how much easier the trip would have been if only I had brought that ONE THING!

Oh well, this is a guided hunt from an established base camp,PB Guide Service, so most of the list boils down to street clothes, hunting clothes, rifles, ammunition, and camera gear. (…and CPAP, and over the counter medicine such as Immodium and ibuprofen, etc.)

I’ll upload photos when I get back – there isn’t really much in the way of cell service up there.

As a side note, the oak trees at my place just west of Atlanta are LOADED with acorns already, so this should be a good year to hunt over acorns. (Or, as Danny says, ‘a’KERNS.’ He also calls a scrape a ‘pawled spot,’ like he combined pawed and bald spot into one word.  I try to keep him away from sugar…)


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