One last job before hunting starts

Posted: 09/29/2014 in Hunting

…I just picked up a lease near Rome, GA. Next year I’ll have someplace to PUT a food plot!


20140920_114815 Winfred Brassica

20140920_114759 Brassica Mix

As deer hunting season starts across the country we move from habitat manager to hunter. But before we start hunting we have one more project to complete – evaluate your food plots to see if they performed as expected. Keeping notes on planting conditions, soil tests, planting dates, fertilizer used, seed types, and summer rain falls can be helpful when planning for the next year. Having as much information about what you can control and make work for your food plots is vital. As I walk my food plots I look for the following:

Did the food plot crop reach maturity?

  • If the plot is in good shape make notes on crop seed type and how it looks going into hunting season.
  • If the plot is not looking good, use your notes to make sure the right amount of lime and fertilizer was applied according to…

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