2014 Outdoor Nationals – Hamilton, OH

Posted: 07/28/2014 in Hunting

I’ve been thinking about shooting some GAA 900 rounds here in Georgia, the problem is, they are all 3-6 hour round trip drives from my house, whereas some of the 3D shoots are 40 minutes round trip.

Shawnn Vincent Archery

Eric Bennett – US Olympian

This tournament was probably the hardest for me to prepare for. Although I was able to get a couple days of practice before I left, it was mentally hard to prepare myself. The mental game in conjunction with being out of targets meant I had to practice on just shooting my form and not looking at a target face. This was good in some aspects but I also think it hindered me a bit. I had no idea what to expect as far as weather and rumor had me thinking there was a possibility of strong winds and rain/thunderstorms. In Washington it was hard for me to practice, as the range is somewhat sheltered from wind and the weather was typical Washington July sunshine; in the mid-80’s and light breeze.

I began my travels to Hamilton, Ohio Tuesday night after working a half of a shift…

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