Serious Elk Stew Chili

Posted: 06/24/2014 in Hunting

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Beef stew has always been serious business. Let’s face it, a plate heaping with potatoes, carrots, and beef swimming in savory gravy demands an air of solemnity. Succinctly- beef stew ain’t no corndog. The serious elk stew chili marks a final grasp at staidness and structure as we lurch into the mania of summer recess. Today the school doors close for the summer. High time for taking inventory. Time moves on and the juncture for action is the present. Reality is what it is. Right? In the future, today may become the past which we wish to relive. Best way to cope is to keep it simple and do it right the first time. The moment is ripe for a full throw-down of some serious chili- elk style.

¼ C flour
1 T chili
1 t coriander
1 t garlic powder
1 t Northwoods seasoning (Penzey’s)
¾ lb…

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