First, if you shot at our place today CHECK FOR TICKS! I pulled 2 off right after I got home (one of the little buggers was trying to eat my left hand), and I know Clay had a BUNCH on him, because he called to tell me to double check myself as well.

Second, for the first time this year, we had a BEAUTIFUL day to shoot, so of course I’m sunburned and look like a cyclops from the back since I have a baseball cap sunburn on my head.

A big thanks to everyone who came out today!  As usual, if I’ve misspelled your name, it’s either because I couldn’t read your handwriting, or after scribbling down your name in my notebook to bring home, now I can’t read mine 🙂

Open Money
Mark Keese 210-6
Known 45
Clay Ledbetter 212-10
James Taylor 201-6
Niko DePofi 198-4
David Carney Jr. 192-1
Brian Presley 171-4
Robert Nash 193-3
Trepe Jaworski 188-2
Kyle Cooper 186-4
Ezra “Spanka” 173-3
Fun Shooters
Conner Haney
Doug Cunningham
Austin Cunningham
Rudy Meedy
Logan Taylor
Ken Gary
Hunter Cunningham
David Cunningham
Lee Hulsey
Cindy Bell Hulsey
Brooke Hunsinger
McKenna Sarvis
David Carney Sr.
Sian Weekley
Bobby Weekley
Dennis Page
Jimmy Sturwold
James Grizzard
George Plemmons



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