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There is a shoot in Alabama this weekend to benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation of Alabama:


Click the image above to visit the website – this is at the Cullman Archery Park

As always, here is a link to Big John’s Awesome Google Calendar.

Thursday Night

Indoor – Governor’s Gun Club – (Powder Springs, GA)


Both Days

3D – ASA Mathews Solo-Cam Pro/Am – Metropolis, IL.

3D – Davey Mountain Archery – (Warne, NC)

3D – NGC Soul Hunters – (Toccoa, GA)

3D – Southern Bowhunters Association (No location given, listed as ‘tentative.’)



GAA – GAA JOAD State Outdoor. (Conyers, GA)

(photograph © Kiwidutch)

Serious Elk Stew Chili

Posted: 06/24/2014 in Hunting

Looks good, I’ll reblog this so I can find it again 🙂


Beef stew has always been serious business. Let’s face it, a plate heaping with potatoes, carrots, and beef swimming in savory gravy demands an air of solemnity. Succinctly- beef stew ain’t no corndog. The serious elk stew chili marks a final grasp at staidness and structure as we lurch into the mania of summer recess. Today the school doors close for the summer. High time for taking inventory. Time moves on and the juncture for action is the present. Reality is what it is. Right? In the future, today may become the past which we wish to relive. Best way to cope is to keep it simple and do it right the first time. The moment is ripe for a full throw-down of some serious chili- elk style.

¼ C flour
1 T chili
1 t coriander
1 t garlic powder
1 t Northwoods seasoning (Penzey’s)
¾ lb…

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Well – I shot better than Saturday, but not much.  Still, we had a good time, and we raided Scott’s blackberry bushes around target 16-20…

wpid-wp-1403521518043.jpeg wpid-wp-1403521495291.jpeg

Well, I shot terrible today – I let something get under my skin before we even started shooting and it bugged me enough that I messed up the first two shots, after that I just had fun with it.

Here was one good target we shot – we were missing James’ arrow though, he was shooting traditional and pulled just in front of this one.

Sweetwater 6_21

As always, here is a link to Big John’s Awesome Google Calendar!

Indoor – Governor’s Gun Club– Thursday night Indoor Shoot (Powder Springs, GA)

Both Days

3D – North Forty Archery Club – (Cochran, GA)

3D – Rock Branch Archery – (Elberton, GA)

3D – Harvest Archery – (Dayton, TN)



3D – Sweetwater Archery – (Douglasville, GA)

GBAA – Outdoor GBAA State Field – (Savannah, GA)



3D – Riverbottom Outdoors – (Franklin, GA)

3D – NGC Amicalola – (Dawsonville, GA)

3D – Shiloh Archery – (Hahira, GA)


Target 2 - Lee, Brad and myself managed to squeeze into that 12 ring.

Target 2 – Lee, Brad and myself managed to squeeze into that 12 ring.

First, if you shot at our place today CHECK FOR TICKS! I pulled 2 off right after I got home (one of the little buggers was trying to eat my left hand), and I know Clay had a BUNCH on him, because he called to tell me to double check myself as well.

Second, for the first time this year, we had a BEAUTIFUL day to shoot, so of course I’m sunburned and look like a cyclops from the back since I have a baseball cap sunburn on my head.

A big thanks to everyone who came out today!  As usual, if I’ve misspelled your name, it’s either because I couldn’t read your handwriting, or after scribbling down your name in my notebook to bring home, now I can’t read mine 🙂

Open Money
Mark Keese 210-6
Known 45
Clay Ledbetter 212-10
James Taylor 201-6
Niko DePofi 198-4
David Carney Jr. 192-1
Brian Presley 171-4
Robert Nash 193-3
Trepe Jaworski 188-2
Kyle Cooper 186-4
Ezra “Spanka” 173-3
Fun Shooters
Conner Haney
Doug Cunningham
Austin Cunningham
Rudy Meedy
Logan Taylor
Ken Gary
Hunter Cunningham
David Cunningham
Lee Hulsey
Cindy Bell Hulsey
Brooke Hunsinger
McKenna Sarvis
David Carney Sr.
Sian Weekley
Bobby Weekley
Dennis Page
Jimmy Sturwold
James Grizzard
George Plemmons


As always, here is a link to Big John’s Awesome Google Calendar. 


Indoor – Governor’s Gun Club– Thursday night Indoor Shoot (Powder Springs, GA)

Indoor – Monroe’s Archery – Thursday Night Jackpot Shoot (Barnesville, GA)


Both Days

3D – NGC Gainesville (Gainesville, GA)  ***ASA Federation Georgia State Qualifier***

3D – Bucks2Beards (Old Fort, TN)

3D – Full Draw Archery (Alabama? No location listed – call David Hastyfor 706-463-2950) ***Tri State ASA Qualifier – Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee***



3D – 323 Archery – (Douglaville, GA) (Yes, this is us!)

3D – Bowhunter’s Supply (Bowdon, GA)

3D – Buckeye’s Plantation (Social Circle, GA)  ***CANCELLED***

3D – Christian Bowhunters of Georgia (Covington, GA)

3D – Culpepper Outdoors (th0mpson, GA)

3D – Elbert County Archery Club (Elberton, GA)

GAA – ALC Summer Series Night Shoots (Loganville, GA)



3D – Archery Connection (Phenix City, AL)

3D – Southern Bowhunters Association (no location listed)


If there isn’t a link, I didn’t find a post in the Georgia Outdoor News forum.

Lee's Obsession

Lee’s Obsession

We keep TALKING about bowfishing… but I haven’t done any since about 1978…

PSE Archery Blog

By Dustin Jones

Throughout the summer months it can be difficult for hunters. There is the anticipation for the upcoming archery season with the lull of nothing to hunt. This time of year is well spent scouting for a new hunting spot or making sure the old stand will still be a reliable spot. Between scouting and practicing the excitement starts to build and the anticipation of the upcoming season becomes, well almost unbearable at times. One thing that I have found that is a great summer activity that scratches the hunting itch a little is bowfishing.

Curt Coates Bowfishing on Bear Lake

Bowfishing here in Idaho is a blast and there are several lakes and rivers that have an abundance of carp to chase. If you look online about bowfishing, you’ll see a lot of videos that shows people going out on a boat both in the daylight and the evening. While this is…

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We were cooked by the time we finished setting up the shoot yesterday – be aware of the heat and HYDRATE folks!



By Josh

Summer has arrived, and with it the need to checkup on your prepping supplies so that you’re set for the rest of the season. To ensure that you don’t forget anything, I’ve assembled this quick list of things you should checkup on and restock, as well as some skills that are easier to hone in these warm months.


  • Check Bugout Bags and replenish supplies.
  • Ensure that all bugout kits and caches have some comfortable summer clothing included.
  • Add/replenish supplies of bug spray.
  • Double-check food stocks to ensure everything is dated and that expired food is used properly.


  • Check expiration dates on prescriptions and medications, replacing as needed.
  • Replenish bandages, gloves and other disposable supplies from your “around the house” kit
  • Make a point to start an exercise regimen. If you already have one, make sure you keep stepping it up to improve your physical health.
  • If…

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