I had a GREAT time shooting Sweetwater with Robert, Kyle and Justin*,  in fact, I had was having too much fun – on the Coyote target I didn’t adjust my sight, giving me my first 8 of the day.   I had a GOOD shoot, even though I ended up with my average, I picked up three twelves to make up for the three eights.  I did shoot one five though, despite having the yardage and making a good release, all I can think of was that the footing was off enough to affect the level on my setup, I have the weights on my stabilizers fine tuned to the point where I don’t have to look at the bubble in my sight very often, but if the footing is uneven, its possible that I was holding the bow off-level.  The shot ended up about 5″ to the right of the 10, just outside the 8 line.  Oh well, these things happen.

I still can’t find my camera, and once we started shooting, I didn’t even think to pull my phone out and take a few photographs, so the only photo I have is the one at the practice range (we didn’t practice, we wanted to get on the course before the kids did, I love seeing that many young archers at a range, but I wanted to get through the course in a decent amount of time, so getting out there BEFORE the kids was important), and I only snapped this photo because the bow is at least twenty years old, still in excellent condition, and obviously, the owner still loves it enough to shoot it.  I have no idea if the man in the photo is the person who was shooting the bow, he just happened to be there.

* I’m 75% certain our new friend’s name is Justin – however, I am TERRIBLE with names, but gear, I can remember. He was shooting a HeliM, with Injexion or Axis arrows, all white Blazer fletching, white knock, wrist strap release, with a camouflage Easton hip quiver, a paracord bow sling and quiver belt that he made himself.    Believe it or not, this is exactly how I met one of my oldest friends – in the late 1980’s, I shot with him at an archery shoot in Ohio, and continued to shoot with him for almost a year before I knew what his name was.  He was shooting a metallic red Oregon Valiant Crusader bow with custom alpine images on the limbs, 2013 XX75 arrows, with one white and two red 3″ feathers, red nocks and a Scott caliper release.  Yes, 25 years later I can remember Kerry’s equipment, it just took me a year to remember his name… 😉


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