Stop For A Breather And Test Your Aim, This Place Is Right On Target…

Posted: 05/20/2014 in Hunting

I remember the last time I visited a Medieval Fair – the person running the archery section was very vocal, what he didn’t know was that I’d been shooting archery sixteen years (at that point, my early twenties) and spent more time with a bow in my hand than watching TV. He ended up losing a side bet along with the prize. (I think the prize was either Hug or Kiss tickets for the fair wenches.)

Local Heart, Global Soul

(photograph © Kiwidutch) (photograph © Kiwidutch)

For better or worse I’ve committed myself to more walking than I anticipated today.

The path is already steeper than I anticipated but fortunately there’s a flat-ish area  about half way up.

As part of the medieval festival going on at the La Roche-en-Ardenne castle, there is an archery stand  set up here where visitors can try and cultivate their inner Robin Hood fantasies.

I do have to admit that any ambitions I may have had at the idea of taking up archery as a sport were rudely dashed by the realisation after several goes that I was never going to be brilliant at this, not now or in a million years.

You get to shoot six arrows for Euro 1,–  and as the photographs of my efforts show, Robin Hood would be ducking for cover if I were in charge of a bow and arrow anywhere…

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