Well, we had VERY mixed weather yesterday – when I opened the range up at 6:40am, the external thermostat in my truck read 42′ – by the time I left at 5:30pm, the temperature was up to 75′.   Between that and the pollen, my sinus’ were going haywire.  The fog was almost up to the power lines when I arrived, two hours later it started to rain, and it rained until around 1:30pm, at which point the rain quit, the clouds cover broke, and the sun came out, making it a very pretty day.  The only thing we didn’t have was snow, all in one eleven hour period.


We had 26 shooters yesterday, but with the weather looking questionable, that was about ten more than we thought we’d have when we saw the rain moving in.  We had a shooter with an equipment issue, so Sian and Bobby had to leave without shooting the course (hope you get your bow fixed fast Sian!), other than that here are the scores:


Known 45

James Taylor  202 – 7

David Carney Jr. 200 – 3

Niko DePofi 194 – 1


Men’s Hunter

David Arnett  146 – 1


Women’s Hunter

Heather Freeman 198 – 4


Youth Pins

Chris Jones 202 – 3

Fun shooters


George Plemmons

James Grizzard

James Morgan

Kimberly Morgan

Tony Marcellino

Ken Moseley

R E Smith

Dennis Page

Lamar Pettit

David Brown

David Carney Sr.

Marke Kessee

Taylor Robertson

Joe Modar

Todd Jones

R C Shoemate

Taylor Arnett

Chase Arnett

Logan Taylor

This is what it looked like around 4:30pm

This is what it looked like around 4:30pm


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