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As always here is a link to Big John’s Awesome Google Calendar.

Well, this weekend is slim. Anorexic. Ghost-like.  The London, Kentucky Pro/Am is this weekend, and there are VERY few other items on the calendar or the forums.

Both Days

3D – Archery Shooters Association Pro/Am (London, KY)*



900 Round – ALCHORNETS Summer Nightshoot series (Loganville, GA) (Web page for the event is HERE,  GON.COM forum post HERE)

3D – NGC River Bend Gun Club (Dawsonville, GA)




3D – Bowdocs Archery added a shoot this Sunday, June 1st. (Old Fort, TN)




* Yes, I know what the full name of the shoot is, but neither of those companies sponsor me….

I had a GREAT time shooting Sweetwater with Robert, Kyle and Justin*,  in fact, I had was having too much fun – on the Coyote target I didn’t adjust my sight, giving me my first 8 of the day.   I had a GOOD shoot, even though I ended up with my average, I picked up three twelves to make up for the three eights.  I did shoot one five though, despite having the yardage and making a good release, all I can think of was that the footing was off enough to affect the level on my setup, I have the weights on my stabilizers fine tuned to the point where I don’t have to look at the bubble in my sight very often, but if the footing is uneven, its possible that I was holding the bow off-level.  The shot ended up about 5″ to the right of the 10, just outside the 8 line.  Oh well, these things happen.

I still can’t find my camera, and once we started shooting, I didn’t even think to pull my phone out and take a few photographs, so the only photo I have is the one at the practice range (we didn’t practice, we wanted to get on the course before the kids did, I love seeing that many young archers at a range, but I wanted to get through the course in a decent amount of time, so getting out there BEFORE the kids was important), and I only snapped this photo because the bow is at least twenty years old, still in excellent condition, and obviously, the owner still loves it enough to shoot it.  I have no idea if the man in the photo is the person who was shooting the bow, he just happened to be there.

* I’m 75% certain our new friend’s name is Justin – however, I am TERRIBLE with names, but gear, I can remember. He was shooting a HeliM, with Injexion or Axis arrows, all white Blazer fletching, white knock, wrist strap release, with a camouflage Easton hip quiver, a paracord bow sling and quiver belt that he made himself.    Believe it or not, this is exactly how I met one of my oldest friends – in the late 1980’s, I shot with him at an archery shoot in Ohio, and continued to shoot with him for almost a year before I knew what his name was.  He was shooting a metallic red Oregon Valiant Crusader bow with custom alpine images on the limbs, 2013 XX75 arrows, with one white and two red 3″ feathers, red nocks and a Scott caliper release.  Yes, 25 years later I can remember Kerry’s equipment, it just took me a year to remember his name… 😉

I’ll post more as we get closer to August, but here’s the flyer for our2nd annual August Cystic Fibrosis “Shoot for a Cure” benefit.

Click to donate!

Click to donate!

As always, here is a link to Big John’s Awesome Google Calendar.


Both Days

3D – Appling Archery Festival (Friday through Sunday – Appling, GA)

3D – Riverbottom Outdoors FUN SHOOT (Franklin, GA)

3D – Bowdoc’s Archery (Cleveland, TN) (This is Saturday, Sunday and Monday)

3D – Davey Mountain – (Warne, NC)

3D – NGC Soul Hunters, (Toccoa, GA)

3D – Lee County Bowhunters (Waverly, AL)(This is an Alabama and Georgia ASA qualifier)



3D – Sweetwater Archery (Douglasville, GA)

900 Round – GAA Georgia Cup (I see this on the Google calendar – but when I go to GAA’s website it is NOT listed.)



3D – Shiloh Archery (Hahira, GA)


I remember the last time I visited a Medieval Fair – the person running the archery section was very vocal, what he didn’t know was that I’d been shooting archery sixteen years (at that point, my early twenties) and spent more time with a bow in my hand than watching TV. He ended up losing a side bet along with the prize. (I think the prize was either Hug or Kiss tickets for the fair wenches.)

Local Heart, Global Soul

(photograph © Kiwidutch) (photograph © Kiwidutch)

For better or worse I’ve committed myself to more walking than I anticipated today.

The path is already steeper than I anticipated but fortunately there’s a flat-ish area  about half way up.

As part of the medieval festival going on at the La Roche-en-Ardenne castle, there is an archery stand  set up here where visitors can try and cultivate their inner Robin Hood fantasies.

I do have to admit that any ambitions I may have had at the idea of taking up archery as a sport were rudely dashed by the realisation after several goes that I was never going to be brilliant at this, not now or in a million years.

You get to shoot six arrows for Euro 1,–  and as the photographs of my efforts show, Robin Hood would be ducking for cover if I were in charge of a bow and arrow anywhere…

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I shot with R.C. Saturday – had a good time too.  The good folks that run the Cystic Fibrosis charity shoot tagged along to ask questions about archery and see the course, so for once, somebody else took the pictures… I’ve left out the ones that make me look like I’m smuggling a Volvo under my shirt. (I keep working on loosing weight, so far, the weight is winning.)

Well, we had VERY mixed weather yesterday – when I opened the range up at 6:40am, the external thermostat in my truck read 42′ – by the time I left at 5:30pm, the temperature was up to 75′.   Between that and the pollen, my sinus’ were going haywire.  The fog was almost up to the power lines when I arrived, two hours later it started to rain, and it rained until around 1:30pm, at which point the rain quit, the clouds cover broke, and the sun came out, making it a very pretty day.  The only thing we didn’t have was snow, all in one eleven hour period.


We had 26 shooters yesterday, but with the weather looking questionable, that was about ten more than we thought we’d have when we saw the rain moving in.  We had a shooter with an equipment issue, so Sian and Bobby had to leave without shooting the course (hope you get your bow fixed fast Sian!), other than that here are the scores:


Known 45

James Taylor  202 – 7

David Carney Jr. 200 – 3

Niko DePofi 194 – 1


Men’s Hunter

David Arnett  146 – 1


Women’s Hunter

Heather Freeman 198 – 4


Youth Pins

Chris Jones 202 – 3

Fun shooters


George Plemmons

James Grizzard

James Morgan

Kimberly Morgan

Tony Marcellino

Ken Moseley

R E Smith

Dennis Page

Lamar Pettit

David Brown

David Carney Sr.

Marke Kessee

Taylor Robertson

Joe Modar

Todd Jones

R C Shoemate

Taylor Arnett

Chase Arnett

Logan Taylor

This is what it looked like around 4:30pm

This is what it looked like around 4:30pm

As always, here’s a link to Big John’s Awesome Google Calendar!

Our May shoot is this weekend – meaning we’ve only got two more regular shoots for the year and the Duck Craze shoot.

Another quick note – Monroe’s Archery in Barnesville, GA. has a Thursday Night Jackpot shoot  May 15th, and from what the post says, it’s every other Thursday.

Both Days

3D – Full Draw Archery – (Rocky Face, GA.)

3D – Harvest Archery – (north of Dayton, TN)

900 – Outdoor GBAA State Target – (Gainsville, GA)



3D – 323 Archery (Douglasville, GA) 🙂

3D – Christian Bowhunters of Georgia – (Covington, GA)

3D – Elbert County Archery Club – (Elberton, GA)

3D – Mt.Olivet Baptist Church – (Warne, NC)

3D – North Forty Archery Club – (Cochran, GA)



3D – Archery Connection – (Phenix City, AL)

3D – Riverbottom Outdoors *GA STATE QUALIFIER* – (Franklin, GA)

3D – Bad to the Bone – (Cartersville, GA)



Brad, Lee, Danny and myself on Target #2.

Brad, Lee, Danny and myself on Target #2.

Georgia Outdoor News

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Kill a coyote, save a fawn… and you might win!

By Daryl Kirby
Originally published in the May 2014 issue of GON

Click to go to the original article

Click to go to the original article

It’s time to do something. 

The days of denying coyotes have a dramatic impact on wildlife are over. It took studies by top university researchers to convince some folks of what hunters have been saying for years. Coyotes, without a doubt, are hammering fawns.

It’s not just deer that are taking a hit. Turkey reproduction numbers have dropped off the map. Are dramatically fewer poults being seen the past five years the result of turkeys suddenly having “filled their habitat range” so they are “self-regulating” their numbers and having fewer poults? Tell my buddy who has beautiful hardwood bottoms and ridges mixed with green fields, but very rarely does a turkey pass through. A hen did try to nest in a food plot last year—he found a pile of feathers and broken-up turkey eggs.

I know rabbit hunters who have tracts they’ve run dogs on for years—without killing rabbits—where the dogs now never strike a trail.

What changed in the Georgia woods? It’s the coyotes.

Yet, for whatever reason, there are still those in the hunting/conservation community who dismiss the coyote issue. We have to learn to live with coyotes, they say. 

Coyotes are not native to Georgia. We—and our wildlife—don’t have to find a way to be neighborly with yotes. 

Quite frankly, we’re weary of the excuses on why not to do something about coyotes. Heaven forbid if an invasive mollusk showed up in a stream or an invasive weed was found in a stand of longleaf pines—there would be enough federal money to sink a ship pouring in to get rid of those invasives.
Coyotes? We get shrugs of indifference. I personally heard a wildlife biologist tell a group of landowners that research indicates coyotes might have an impact in some areas, but that in other areas where hunting isn’t prevalent, coyotes are probably doing everyone a favor. Let that sink in a bit as you ponder the quality of your hunting the past five years.

It’s time to do something. 

The 1st inaugural GON Coyote Cull isn’t going to solve the coyote problem, but it’s a start. Go kill one. Read the trapping article in the June issue of GON. It includes detail that could get you started running a few traps, even if just for a weekend. If trapping is not your thing, go coyote hunting.

The idea behind the Coyote Cull is simply to give everyone a little extra incentive to spend a weekend at the hunting property this time of year working on the coyotes.

Kill one. Have someone take a picture of you with the dead coyote, and you need to be holding a copy of this month’s GON. This is simply so folks can’t enter with a picture of a coyote killed last year. Don’t share your coyote so your buddy can enter—we’ll have a polygraph.

Consider this. A professional trapper just caught 11 coyotes on a Morgan County tract. He removed them to a live pen. That night, one female had seven pups and another had nine. Think about that next time you hear someone say killing a coyote will somehow just make things worse.

It’s fawning time, and turkey poults are about to hatch. Take out a coyote right now, and it will make a difference. 

Read more and learn how to enter HERE.