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As usual, here is a link to Big John’s Awesome Google Calendar!

Both Days
900 Round? – GBAA State Spring Turkey (Ft. Gordon *SHOTGUN STARTS*)
3D – Bucks2Beards State Qualifier (TN/GA)
3D – Benton – (No other info)

3D – Redneck Archery Club Coon Shoot (Griffin, GA)
3D – Sportsman’s Complex at Range 14 (No other info)
3D – 4H Outdoor (I think this is 3D – no other info)
900 Round – Night the Lights Came On (Conyers, GA)

3D – NGC Amiacolola – Charity Shoot 4th Leg NGSOY
3D – Redneck Archery Club (Griffin, GA)


3 12's! Very happy with this shot

3 12’s! Very happy with this shot

A coyote grabs dog 10 feet from horrified woman in Morgan County.

By Brad Gill
Posted Wednesday April 23 2014, 9:48 AM

Georgia Outdoor News

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It’s uncomfortable to even think about, but try to imagine a coyote carrying off your family dog, one you’ve had for nine years…GON_dog

Bruce Weiner, of Atlanta, has owned a Morgan County farm for 20 years. While living in Atlanta, he often takes his family out to the farm to enjoy the slower-paced lifestyle.

“We’ve seen armadillos, deer, turkey, wild boar, snakes, but we’ve never seen a coyote on the property,” said Bruce.

Also 20 years ago, Bruce and his wife hired a nanny, Jennifer Lang, to help with the kids. Although Bruce’s kids are pretty much grown now, Jennifer is still the nanny. One of her current responsibilities is taking care of the dogs.

Back in February, Jennifer was at the farm and let all three of the family’s dogs outside.

“It was right at 6 p.m., right at dusk,” said Bruce. “Within minutes—she turned her back for just a second—she heard one of the dogs crying, and what looked like a big dog was taking off with one of our dogs, a 3 1/2-lb. yorkshire terrier.

“It just grabbed it and carried her off in its mouth right in front of our nanny—10 feet in front of her!”

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(As a side note, I would hate to be a coyote that tried to snatch one o’ my dogs. Brody is 90#, Gretchen 85#, and Cinders is 45#. Since this photo was taken, we’ve added a large German Shepherd to our pack.)


Brody is the dog on the left, Gretchen is in the middle and Cinders on the right. Since this photo, we've added a 90# GSD to our pack.

Brody is the dog on the left, Gretchen is in the middle and Cinders on the right. Since this photo, we’ve added a 90# GSD to our pack.

Well, I shot better than I have been – I was even at the half, and even at target 32 I was only 8 points down, then I had a few moments of *durHEE!* and ended up 23 down, but I had a great time, and improved my shot sequence.  Here are the photos, including one of myself from Melinda: I have to say, if you’ve never tried to SHOOT a competition and take photos of it at the same time, you really don’t have a good idea of how hard it is to find more than ‘the folks I’m shooting with, their equipment, the group in front of us, the group behind us and a little dog too’ to photograph really is.

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Hips Archery Targets has a new website: stop by and take a look! (Click the image to go to the website)


You can buy Hips Archery Targets at Gable Sporting Goods, we have them in stock now!


end of an era

Posted: 04/25/2014 in Hunting

I wish her the best.

The Infinite Curve - an archery blog


Alison Williamson MBE
, six-times Olympian, Olympic bronze medallist in 2004, and twice Commonwealth Games silver medallist, has retired. There will be no seventh Olympics. More here. Listen to her interview on BBC Radio Stoke below. It’s a good reminder of just how difficult it is to stay at the top in professional archery:

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OMG! One day late!  (Blame Microsoft SCCM and the PXE boot process, I put about 10 hours into trying to build a server yesterday. *shrug*)

As always, here is a link to Big John’s Awesome Google Calendar.

Both Days
3D – ASA Brunton Shoot Out – (Paris, Texas)

3D – Riverbottom Outdoors “Big 40” (Frankin, GA)

3D – Davey Mountain Archery

3D – Bowdocs (Cleveland TN)



Field – Outdoor Gainesville – 900 Round

3D – Bucks to Beards *FREE* Kids shoot



3D – Destiny Farm Archery ****CANCELLED****

3D – NGC Banks County Archery Club

3D – Shredding Foam to Heal a Home Benefit (Griffin, GA)



We had 20 people come out and shoot today, even with the weather looking like scuba gear would be an option (seriously need to invest in a fish and alligator target if the weather is going to keep doing this.)  Thanks to everyone who came out today!

Known 45
David Carney Jr. 204-6
James Taylor 200-6
Charles Hunt 189-2
Willie Johnson 204-4
Thor Nichols 202-4
Middle School Pins
Kevin Roberson 206-7
Christopher Jones 198-6
Senior Eagle
Taylor Hulsey 173-1
Jody Brown
Caleb Walker
Preston Cocheran
David Carney Sr.
Lee Hulsey
Stacy Hulsey
Jimmy Sturwold
Ricky Letner
Sian Weekley
Bobby Weekley
Todd Jones


As always, here is a link to Big John’s Awesome Google Calendar

3D – 323 Archery – (Douglasville, GA)
3D – Bowhunter’s Supply – (Bowden, GA)
3D – Buckeye’s Plantation (This is the ELITE Georgia Dealer’s 3D Classic) (Social Circle, GA)
3D – Elbert County Archery Club (Elberton, GA)
3D – North Forty Archery Club – (Cocheran, GA)
3D – Outdoor, Morgan Co. (No location listed)

3D – Southern Bowhunter’s Association (No location listed)


I don’t see anything in the forums for Elbert, North Forty, Morgan County or Southern Bowhunter’s Association, so these shoots may or may not be happening, if you know somebody that runs the shoot, contact them for information

I’ll also be accepting donations for March’s Outdoor Adventures – they are holding an annual clothing drive for new hunters, if you have anything, even just a pair of gloves, that you want to donate, bring it to the shoot Saturday and I’ll ship them with the stuff I already have collected.

We are doing our annual hunting clothes drive. Going on right now If you have gently used and unwanted hunting clothes or boots that are in the way we will take them. All clothes received will go towards a new hunter and or military vet that are wanting to go hunting this upcoming season. Any size, any camo pattern will do. Just inbox us for the address. Thank you in advance for your help whether you shared the post or donated.


Wild Boar Breakfast Sausage

Posted: 04/14/2014 in Hunting

I love sausage – now, if I could only find a farmer that has a wild hog problem…

Mission Alaska

There is a explosive wild pig epidemic attacking the United States. Due to wild pigs adaptability and high reproduction rates, they have now been seen in 47 states and their numbers keep growing. Wild pigs devour crops, uproot pastures, destroy wildlife habitats, spread disease to humans and animals, kill trees and even knock over cemetery stones. Hunters play a big part in monitoring and helping to control wild pig numbers. Wild pigs also give DIY hunters great opportunities to hunt. Wild pigs are in a lot of states and are a main concern for land owners. Most states have unlimited seasons and tags are cheap. Polite and respectful hunters can have great success asking a local land owner if they can harvest a pig from thier land. Most people will say yes and go out of their way to make you successful. Two years ago, I hunted hogs in the Louisiana and they tasted great. There are not a lot of wild pigs up north and I have…

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The Hips Archery Targets we ordered at the ATA show have arrived and are in the store now!  I love these things, they’re good for field points or broadheads.  I’ve put well over a year of practice into the Hips target I have at home, and it’s STILL stopping arrows without a problem. The last bag target I bought lasted three months.


I put a three spot face on the target to test my new scope

I put a three spot face on the target to test my new scope