Opening Day: Turkey Season Georgia 2014

Posted: 03/25/2014 in Archery, Events, Gable Sporting Goods, News, Photography, Tradeshows, Turkey
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I have mentioned before that I’m cursed when it comes to turkey hunting.   So far, this year has been living up to my expectations.  About five or six weeks ago, I told my daughter that if she was doing better in school, etc, that I would take her to the dance competition at Furry Weekend Atlanta.

Now. Guess what day THAT was?  Oh, yeah, the opening day of TURKEY season.   The only private property I can hunt is about 2.5 hours south of here, and I didn’t look at the times on the actual competition, so when I asked her ‘what time do we need to go to the convention? 11am? Noon?’ she just said ‘sure, that’s fine.’   The dance competition was at 9pm-11pm.


BUT she had a good time with her friend Yuki, I was mostly amused (we only ran into a few grumpy/sour folks, the rest of these people were having the time of their lives) and there are worse ways to spend a day than wandering around the Westin hotel downtown bumping into adults who dress up like sports mascots for a hobby. Having observed my daughter, half the fun seems to be in making the suit and creating the character, which was always half the fun in Dungeons & Dragons, Star Frontiers etc. when I was her age.

Oh, yeah, the BEST part reminded me very much of DragonCon: when people who had NO CLUE that this event was scheduled at the same time as their hotel stay wandered out with a very stunned, “What the….” look on their face.  Cracks me up, every time.

I even wore my PSE Archery hat  That's my daughter in the red and black wolf head.

I even wore my PSE Archery hat That’s my daughter in the red and black wolf head.


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