We had over 45 shooters today, a big ‘THANKS!’ to everyone who came out. Despite weather forecasts that had the day at a bit chilly with a chance of rain, it was a wonderful day to shoot, warm, dry, and very little wind.

Open Money
Corey Bryant 210-6
Brad Wheeler 208-8
Mark Keese 206-7
Burth Parkman 196-2
Michael Barnes 195-3
Mark Mealor 192-0
Cscott Parrott 188-2
Known 45
Clay Ledbetter 216-12
David Carney Jr. 200-3
Lee Johnson 199-7
James Taylor 198-5
Niko DePofi 194-3
Corey McCullogh 181-4
Jay Arnold *
Davide Carney Sr. *
Mark Thompson 200-3
Logan Wilson 190-4
Van Arnold 190-3
Bob Weekley 183-2
Kyle Cooper 183-0
Wesley Brawner 175-2
Trepe Jaworski 164-1
Junior Eagle
Juden Mealor 175-0
Middle School Pins **
Christopher Jones 201-6
Senior Hunter
Ricky Tetner 163-0
Women’s Hunter
Sian Weekley 189-4
Kim Parrott 187-1
Ezra “Spanka” 181-3
Reese Brwner 188-2
Fun Shooters
Robert Nash
Kevin Woods
Todd Jones
Shane Arnold
Dennis Goddard
Jerry Barnes
Avery Barnes
Danny Henley
James Grizzard
George Pemons
Jim Gardner
Sophie Lewis

* Did not turn in score

** Apparently a new class. I don’t pay much (any) attention to other classes besides Known 45, so I didn’t even know this one existed.

Brad, Lee, Danny and myself on Target #2.

Brad, Lee, Danny and myself on Target #2.


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