Getting into archery

Posted: 02/24/2014 in Hunting

I’ve been shooting since 1976, and I still have consistency problems 🙂

Random Journal Notes by C. Criste

This was what I was shooting at this Sunday. I’m not really sure but I think the distance to the target butt is 30 yards. I made my own target with a piece of cardboard and a circle cut out scrap piece of vinyl. It was my fourth time at the archery range and it was a great sunny and windless day for shooting outdoors.

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How I Got Into Archery

When I was in my early twenties I wanted to take up archery but never got around to doing it. My only experience then was about two weeks of high school PE archery where we were given a bow and arrow and told to line up and take turns to shoot at the target. I don’t remember any kind of coaching or teaching and I was just this skinny kid who struggled to pull the bowstring. I don’t know the…

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