Target Area’s in 3D Archery

Posted: 02/22/2014 in Hunting

Only certain targets are used in the Pro/Am series – no turkeys or elk, I know that, but I couldn’t find a short list to link. Most of us carry the target cards as a small clipboard attached to our shooting chair.

3D Archery with Gregory Richards

Depending on how serious you are, knowing where the “points” are on the target is vital. The most common way to find where the points are, is to simply bring along a set of binoculars.

Last year I was out at a local shoot and I saw a couple who I was told were real “Pro’s” from the circuit. What I noticed (besides them never missing and taking FOREVER to shoot) was that they had cards with the targets on them and they would reference that. Being the overly curious person that I am, I went looking for the cards and after a good search I found them. Before I go into the cards, please allow me to give a little background.

What targets you will find at a shoot and the possible points on those targets are dependent on where you go and who is running the event. A…

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