I’ve been working on this site for roughly twenty months now.  It’s just me, there aren’t any other writers, editors, photographers, or webmasters.   I’ve ‘reblogged’ work from other sites (an accepted practice – use a short stub of the article, with possibly a photo, and give full credit and links TO the original, giving free advertising to the source,) and I don’t have a budget, at all, for the site.  Literally not one penny has been spent on this project (thus the title still being 323archery.wordpress.com instead of just 323archery.com), the only thing spent on this site has been time, my time.

And the views are relatively low for an active website, but that’s to be expected with this format and limited audience compared to a commercial site. Despite the lack of budget, this weekend the site topped 40,000 views since the first day it was live, and those views are spread over 120-plus countries.

At the shoot this weekend, several people mentioned reading the site, and told me I was doing a good job.

That helps, a lot.

Thank you!




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