Season Ratings Improve Slightly, But Passionate Concern Over Status Of Deer

Posted: 02/03/2014 in Archery, Gable Sporting Goods, Georgia DNR, Hunting, News, Whitetail Deer, Wildlife
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There was a tremendous response from hunters to this year’s cover-ballot survey.

By GON Staff
Posted Thursday January 30 2014, 10:04 AM

GON_SurveyLet someone try to tell you sportsmen don’t care about the heritage and future of deer hunting in Georgia. Forget how few hunters showed up for state-held public meetings no one knew about, let them talk to the rural mail carrier who delivers to GON’s office, or to the GON folks who spent four weeks day and night keystroking every word from two- and three-page handwritten letters that poured in with this year’s cover-ballot VOTES survey.

Sportsmen care, with a passion. And that gives us hope we can once again have a Georgia deer season where the majority of hunters look back and rate their hunting as excellent or good. GON has been doing our annual Rate Your Season survey for almost two decades. Used to be, season after season the top ratings were positive, and poor ratings garnered the lowest response.

That began to change about a decade ago. Hunters started to express concern that deer numbers were getting too low on their hunting land. Those who said coyotes were eating deer were scoffed at, and they were still being told it was impossible to kill too many does—that if you wanted to grow big bucks, shoot every doe you saw.

That was the past. Going forward, sportsmen have lots of opinions and ideas, and some of those appear below. We randomly picked a tiny fraction of the overwhelming number of comments to put in the magazine. Some of these comments you might agree with, others might make you scratch your head—or bang it on the table. Regardless, we feel all sportsmen should have a voice. There was only space for a very small sample of comments in this issue of GON. We want everyone’s opinion and ideas to be heard, so every single comment was keystroked and is published here. Next to each county is a letter and number, which shows the number of season ratings for that county (e-excellent, g-good, etc.)

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