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Daily Decrease in Archery

Posted: 02/28/2014 in Hunting

That is good advice – my problem is more of a whack-a-mole type, where I eliminate one bad habit, another one crops up, next thing I know I’m turning in a circle (mentally). I’ve been shooting archery since the early 70’s, all but ten years of that in one kind of competition or another, and while I enjoy it, I don’t want it to turn into work again like it did in the late 1990’s.

3D Archery with Gregory Richards


Besides archery, I’m have been training in the martial arts for the past 20 years, first in Tae Kwon Do, then in Kickboxing and Iaido (Samurai Sword). In the martial arts, Bruce Lee has to be one of the most quoted people and most of the time they get the quote wrong or they misinterpret it.

One “mantra” that he had was “Daily Decrease”. People took this to mean to train in less each day. But what he really meant and it applies to archery is that each day you should strive to eliminate something that you’re doing that hurts your performance. Instead of approaching your training as trying to “get better”, you should focus your training on Eliminating the “holes” in your technique. This is how you will become better. 

Jimmy Johnson, the Football coach has said that it is not always the team that makes the biggest plays…

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The Realtree Pro/Am shoot in Columbus/Fort Benning.

That’s it.

There isn’t anything else.


Getting into archery

Posted: 02/24/2014 in Hunting

I’ve been shooting since 1976, and I still have consistency problems 🙂

Random Journal Notes by C. Criste

This was what I was shooting at this Sunday. I’m not really sure but I think the distance to the target butt is 30 yards. I made my own target with a piece of cardboard and a circle cut out scrap piece of vinyl. It was my fourth time at the archery range and it was a great sunny and windless day for shooting outdoors.

Archery 002-blog

How I Got Into Archery

When I was in my early twenties I wanted to take up archery but never got around to doing it. My only experience then was about two weeks of high school PE archery where we were given a bow and arrow and told to line up and take turns to shoot at the target. I don’t remember any kind of coaching or teaching and I was just this skinny kid who struggled to pull the bowstring. I don’t know the…

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I had a great time today, or should I say, I had a great time 16 out of 20 shots 😉  (I had a misfire on #12, and a grumpy ‘rassa frakkin screw it there’s good’ on 13, 14, and 15).  Had fun shooting with Jody Brown and his buddies, and Scott pulled in over TWO HUNDRED shooters today.

Still, I’m improving my game, which is the point of shooting, always try to shoot a little better, improve your form, and try to avoid ‘ground tuning’ at all costs. (That means throwing your bow down out of frustration, it’s usually accompanied by some VERY colorful language…)

Here’s the photo gallery:

Had a GREAT time today at Sweetwater Archery Club – I shot with Ezra and Randy, got to see Dave and Dave Jr., R.C.  Killzone, Bowanna, and got to meet some new people, which always makes me happy.

I wish my score had been higher, but who doesn’t?

Here’s the photo gallery from the shoot:

Target Area’s in 3D Archery

Posted: 02/22/2014 in Hunting

Only certain targets are used in the Pro/Am series – no turkeys or elk, I know that, but I couldn’t find a short list to link. Most of us carry the target cards as a small clipboard attached to our shooting chair.

3D Archery with Gregory Richards

Depending on how serious you are, knowing where the “points” are on the target is vital. The most common way to find where the points are, is to simply bring along a set of binoculars.

Last year I was out at a local shoot and I saw a couple who I was told were real “Pro’s” from the circuit. What I noticed (besides them never missing and taking FOREVER to shoot) was that they had cards with the targets on them and they would reference that. Being the overly curious person that I am, I went looking for the cards and after a good search I found them. Before I go into the cards, please allow me to give a little background.

What targets you will find at a shoot and the possible points on those targets are dependent on where you go and who is running the event. A…

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Here’s the link to Big John’s awesome calendar

3D – Sweetwater Archery – Douglasville (Winston) GA – ASA STATE QUALIFIER
3D – Elbert county Archery club – Elberton GA
3D – Dublin Shoot (No further information)
3D – Culpepper Outdoors – Near Appling GA
3D – NGC River Bend Gun Club – Dublin GA
INDOOR – GA 4H S.A.F.E. program – Georgia National Fair & AG Center, 401 Golden Isles Pkwy, Perry, GA,

3D – Riverbottom Outdoors – Franklin GA – ASA STATE QUALIFIER
3D – Fort Gordon – Augusta area(?)
3D – Shiloh Archery club – Valdosta/South Georgia
3D – Sportsman’s Complex at Range 14 (That’s all it says ‘Range 14.’)

Both Days
3D – Davey Mountain –
3D – BowDocs – (925 Bucks Pocket Rd SE, Old Fort TN. 37362 Call : 423-584-5126 for more detailed directions)

Click the link to go the the album on our FaceBook page!

Click the link to go the the album on our FaceBook page!

…okay…. apparently there were two squirrels with half of a tail each in our backyard, because as we were eating dinner last night, a familiar raider happened upon our bird feeders.  The wife jumped up and squinted at the furry thief, then grinned from ear to ear and said “That’s Badass Squirrel!”


That’s him: Badass Squirrel, the squirrel that attacks hawks

Now, we have to open the backdoor and make some noise before letting the dogs out, to give the tree rats a running start.

Still, I’m happy that the dogs took out ‘the wrong’ squirrel Sunday.  The look on Cinder’s face was priceless though, he thought he’d finally earned some ‘street cred.’

"Wait a minute...."

“Wait a minute….”


…nothing better than being able to step out the back door and practice for an hour during lunch. That’s my Hips X2 Big Game target with a Birchwood Casey vegas face tacked onto it. 


The furthest shot I can get, 30 yards from my back door. (Unless I lock up the dogs and cats and use the living room, with the doors open. Freaks the wife out though)


I’ve been working on this site for roughly twenty months now.  It’s just me, there aren’t any other writers, editors, photographers, or webmasters.   I’ve ‘reblogged’ work from other sites (an accepted practice – use a short stub of the article, with possibly a photo, and give full credit and links TO the original, giving free advertising to the source,) and I don’t have a budget, at all, for the site.  Literally not one penny has been spent on this project (thus the title still being instead of just, the only thing spent on this site has been time, my time.

And the views are relatively low for an active website, but that’s to be expected with this format and limited audience compared to a commercial site. Despite the lack of budget, this weekend the site topped 40,000 views since the first day it was live, and those views are spread over 120-plus countries.

At the shoot this weekend, several people mentioned reading the site, and told me I was doing a good job.

That helps, a lot.

Thank you!