Turkey Season is Coming

Posted: 01/25/2014 in Gable Sporting Goods, Hunting, Turkey
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Turkey season starts March 22nd in Georgia, and I’m getting worried.   I’ve only hunted turkey for the last two years, and both years, I had Big Plans! to hunt the wiley thunderchicken, and both years I ended up in the woods for two or three mornings at the most.  While two years isn’t some long-lasting trend to base a curse theory on, I’ve been foiled at every turn so far.

The first year, too many odds and ends cropped up, and the weekend we planned to hunt at Lost Acres, Rob and I ended up sitting out rolling thunderstorms watching movies in the cabin.  Every time we got more than three hundred yards from the cabin, another thunder cell would roll up, and honestly, I don’t care how hardcore you think you are, being in a VERY active thunderstorm with a long metal tube full of explosive charges (a shotgun) is pretty high on the Darwin Award scale.  I was even drawn to hunt Big Lazer Creek WMA in a turkey quota hunt the first year, and couldn’t get the week off.

Last year, between family loss and work, I again ended up in the woods for three days during turkey season.  Every year during deer season, I see close to a hundred turkey in the woods at that club. During turkey season?  Nothing. Not only ‘nothing,’ but I didn’t hear a single gobble, yelp, purr, click, NOTHING.   Even the squirrels were sitting on branches being quiet.

I did see one nice gobbler last year. In my neighbor’s driveway.

Hopefully this year is better. Part of the problem is me – I don’t like ‘I’ll just drive over to the closest WMA and sit in the woods for two hours,’ because to me that feels like I’m doing it wrong and wasting my time.  If I’m not in at least a semi-decent area, and spending a good amount of time, I don’t feel like I’m doing it right, but I think that’s what I’ll have to do, hit Allatoona and Sheffield and just do tiny morning hunts.


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