What the… City to TRANQ and STERILIZE deer?

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This is possibly the stupidest idea I’ve heard in a long, long, long time. 

From Bowhunting.com

By: Hunting Network – 1/17/2014

You know that a deer population is out of control when golfers are begging the city to do something about the “chaos” that they’re causing. That’s exactly what happened over the summer in Fairfax City, Virginia.

In July the Fairfax City Council voted on a proposed regulation that would have allowed bowhunting on private properties, 25 acres and larger, to those that were given a special permit. And that’s just the beginning of the regulations and “red tape” in the proposal. Further regulations included written submissions of dates and times hunting activity will occur, warning noticed placed no less than 50 yards apart on property lines, and more.

Click to go to the original story at Bowhunting.com

Click to go to the original story at Bowhunting.com

The City Council voted on the proposal and came to a 3-3 deadlock. The Council did, however, ask the city staff to begin working on completely ban hunting.

Fairfax City Mayor, Scott Silverthorne, commented that, “There’s no question we have a deer problem throughout the city, so the request is basically to allow, by permit, deer hunting. It’s really more of a wildlife management issue than a hunting issue.”

If bowhunting is not an option, then how does Fairfax plan to address their overpopulation of deer?


In December the Fairfax City officials approved a plan to manage the deer population which will involve a process to, “Tranquilize and capture all the female deer in the city, take them to a surgical table and remove their ovaries to keep them from reproducing.” The Council voted 3-3 on the hunting proposal, but the sterilization proposal passed easily, with a vote of 5-1.

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