First of all – I found out today that next year’s ATA Show will be in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Note to self – bring a parka and WARM boots to wear when not IN the show.

Second, I’m going to TRY to make this laptop behave tonight and do more than toss 70+ photographs up with “Here they are, G’night!” for an explanation.   As usual, I ran into some friends at todays show (Sara Lamson and Darrin Brown again, Jim from Strothers, Lake Oconee Golf and Archery, Travis (T-Bone) Turner, Matt Stutzman – I say ‘friends,’ because we’re all ARCHERS – I’ve met these folks, exchanged a few words, but honestly, most of ’em couldn’t pick me out of a lineup if the rest of the lineup was comprised of average 8th grade kids. (I’m approximately Bigfoot sized. If you’ve ever met or seen Big Jim from Big Jim’s Bow Company, we’re about the same size, though exactly the opposite in quantity of hair…)

For descriptions or explanations, view the images below.  Some of the images will get more attention when I’m not working on a rickety, tiny coffee table in a $40 hotel room, Archtomic Bomb by Dead Tek for instance.


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