Teach Your Daughters to Hunt

Posted: 12/09/2013 in Hunting

My daughter has the option to hunt, even if she just uses a camera, however at 15 years old, music and her ‘social calendar’ hold more interest for her. Knowing, of course, how both sides of her family are, I’m waiting for the day when she’d rather spend 10 hours in the woods than 10 hours on FaceBook.

Through The Eyes of A Huntress

My extremely proud father and sharp shooting brother!

Life is too short to not teach your daughters how to hunt.  This sport is no longer just for men and it’s having a resurgence of newcomers with the popularity of movies like the Hunger Games.  Young girls everywhere are seeing that archery is not only cool but in the movie it depicts a way of life that hunters live by. We are learning and teaching each other how to live off of the land and build a bond between people that hunters understand. Along with this also comes the respect you gain for our land and wildlife.

My dad instilled hunting in my family as far back as I can remember.  In 1975 my dad purchased a large plot of land in Southern Ohio.  He started to build his dream of constructing a hunting cabin to share with his family and friends.  So it began the story of what…

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