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I love the history of archery…

Breheimen Bronze Age Bow 2

On 7 September 2011, an advanced constructed and complete bow was found at the edge of the Åndfonne glacier in Breheimen mountain range. The C14 dating shows that Norway’s oldest and best preserved bow is 3300 years old. 

The 131 centimeters long bow was discovered by archaeologists in connection with the last check before summer fieldwork was completed. The bow was found at the ice edge about 1700 meters above sea level. This shows how important it is that archaeologists are present just when the ice is melting.

Findings of complete bows are very rare, and it turned out even rarer after the results of the C14 dating returned from the laboratory in the U.S.: The bow turned out to be 3300 years old – dating back to about 1300 BC – in other words from the early Bronze Age.

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Breheimen Bronze Age Bow 1

It is the oldest bow ever found in…

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Head over to GoFundMe to help Ryan Oliver cover the cost of a trip to the World Indoor Archery Championship in France.


Click the image to go to the GoFundMe page.

From Ryan’s FaceBook page:

My Archery Resume:
Ryan Oliver
Age 14
I began my archery career in October 2009 with no previous shooting experience. I made the USAA Junior Dream Team in November, 2012. My long term archery objective is to make the 2016 and 2020 Olympic Teams. Member of 2014 Cadet USAT Team. Recently made the 2014 U.S. World Indoor Championship Junior Recurve Team. Gold Indoor and Silver and Outdoor JOAD Olympian pins. Also my goal is to help grow archery into a mainstream sport and help people discover their passion for archery.
International Medals: 1
2013 Multisite Indoor Championship of the Americas
Bronze Medal
2013 Rcherz Cross-Continental Event
Gold Medal
National Medals: 12
2011 Easton JOAD Nationals
o Gold Grand Champion
o Silver ranking Round Bowman Male Recurve, Silver Team Round , Gold Olympic Round
2012 U.S Indoor Nationals: Cub Male Recurve
o Gold Cub Male Recurve
2012 Easton JOAD Nationals:
o Gold ranking Round: Cub Male Recurve
o Silver Olympic Round
o Silver Grand Champion
2013 Easton JOAD Nationals: Bronze Grand Champion
2013 Easton Foundations Gator Cup 4th Place Ranking Cadet Male Recurve *shot up a division
2013 US Indoor Nationals
o Silver in Cadet Male Recurve* shot up a division
2013 JOAD Indoor Nationals
o Bronze in Cadet Male Recurve* shot up a division
2013 AAE Arizona Cup 7th Place Ranking Round /4th Place US Ranking*shot up a division
2013 ASA Pro/Am Newberry 1st Place Youth Pins
2013 2nd place Cadet USAT Ranking
Regional Medals
2011 JOAD Regional Indoor 1st Place
2012 JOAD Regional Indoor 1st Place
2013 JOAD Regional Indoor 2nd Place
2013 NFAA Indoor Southeast Sectional 1st Place
2013 NAA Southeast Sectional 1st Place
2013 NFAA Southeast Sectional Field Championship 1st Place and Sectional Record
State Medals
2010-13 Sunshine State Games 1st Place 2013 JOAD State Championship: Gold Cadet Division
2011 State Target Champion
2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 State FITA Champion
2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 State Indoor Champion
2013 State Field Champion
2012 Easton Newberry Sports Complex Shooter of the Year: Adult Male Recurve Division
30 JOAD Club Tournament gold medals
State Records: 15 Regional Records: 3
Archery Volunteer Activities: Field crew, range maintenance and volunteer coach for Newberry JOAD Club. Para Agent 2010 and 2011 Gator Cup, Field Crew 2010,2011, 2012 Gator Cup.

Ok – for a couple of years, I looked at lighted nocks and said to myself ‘they are expensive, I don’t need them.’   Then a friend of mine gave me a three pack.  Now I have a hard time NOT putting them in every arrow I have, both for TARGET shooting (which would be hilarious but expensive) and hunting.

Here is Realtree Outdoors YouTube video of the benefits of having lighted nocks:

Late Season Deer Hunting Tips

Posted: 12/16/2013 in Hunting

Wish I could follow this advice, but just like last year, the rest of my season has been eaten up by chores revolving around the holiday and the ATA show in January. c’est la vie

Wild Game Sliders

Posted: 12/13/2013 in Hunting

Hmmm… pretty close to my meatball/slider recipe, except I use minced garlic and sesame panko instead of garlic croutons, and I add eggs for moisture.


Lessons in Cooking Wild Game: Wild Game Sliders

I have been cooking wild game for years. I do enjoy eating all kinds of game meats. I also love the health benefits from wild game. But, even I forget sometimes, that wild game is not compatible with many traditional recipes that call for beef. This year was no different.

Before this year’s hunting season started, I was cooking with wild game from last year’s hunting season like a crazy woman. I wanted to use every last bit of venison we had in the freezer before my “men” brought home some more venison meat this year.

Last year, we were blessed with two very tasty deer. We had a freezer full of meat; in fact, it lasted us until this year’s hunting season. After the hunting season ended last year, I had an arsenal of all new recipes. The previous year’s hunt…

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Teach Your Daughters to Hunt

Posted: 12/09/2013 in Hunting

My daughter has the option to hunt, even if she just uses a camera, however at 15 years old, music and her ‘social calendar’ hold more interest for her. Knowing, of course, how both sides of her family are, I’m waiting for the day when she’d rather spend 10 hours in the woods than 10 hours on FaceBook.

Through The Eyes of A Huntress

My extremely proud father and sharp shooting brother!

Life is too short to not teach your daughters how to hunt.  This sport is no longer just for men and it’s having a resurgence of newcomers with the popularity of movies like the Hunger Games.  Young girls everywhere are seeing that archery is not only cool but in the movie it depicts a way of life that hunters live by. We are learning and teaching each other how to live off of the land and build a bond between people that hunters understand. Along with this also comes the respect you gain for our land and wildlife.

My dad instilled hunting in my family as far back as I can remember.  In 1975 my dad purchased a large plot of land in Southern Ohio.  He started to build his dream of constructing a hunting cabin to share with his family and friends.  So it began the story of what…

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Bear Season Update

Posted: 12/09/2013 in Hunting

I told myself all of 2013 “this year, I’m hunting bear again!” but due to budget issues and scheduling issues, I didn’t get out after the bruins after all.

Danny and I had a great time at Bad to the Bone today – looked like a good turnout too, maybe sixty people, which equals more toys for the program.  I didn’t take a ton of photographs, everybody was bundled up (it was around 40′ when I got there with some rather chilly gusts of wind, though it warmed up gradually…) and just trying to shoot and stay warm.

(From GON.COM)

Georgia Outdoor News

Remember, Georgia Power powerlines are private.

By Joey Slaughter Biologist, Georgia Power
Posted Tuesday November 26 2013, 10:38 AM

Editor’s Note: Georgia Power Company (GPC) contacted GON and wanted to address two issues they are regularly dealing with in regards to their properties and powerlines.

Myth No. 1: Powerline rights-of-way are open to the public. Nothing could be further from the truth. In most cases, GPC has an easement with the landowner that only allows us to maintain our poles and lines through their property. Private individuals still own the land, and they control all access outside of our maintenance and operations. If you want to hunt, hike, ride, or simply visit a powerline right-of-way, you must have permission of the property owner unless the property is clearly marked allowing that activity and open to the public. You should contact the property owner directly for permission before you access any land.

Myth No. 2: All GPC lands are open to the public. Much of the land surrounding GPC lakes is owned by the company; however, recreation and public access are only allowed in designated areas. Only specific activities, noted in our plant operating licenses, are allowed in our public parks. These activities are also described on signage within the parks and on the GPC website. These lands are generally not available for hunting unless so advertised. You can waterfowl hunt some GPC lakes. For more info on those, go to

Some extended properties around GPC lakes, like Oconee and Rum Creek WMAs, are open to hunting but are managed by DNR. Currently, there are no public hunting lands managed by GPC.

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