Things I learned this deer season: part one

Posted: 11/21/2013 in Hunting

Using traditional equipment is VERY hard compared to modern compound bows and equipment. My hat is off to anyone who succeeds with traditional equipment!

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Bow season for me is essentially over. I might get a chance to party hunt for deer with a friend now and again between here and season’s end. I will probably chase small game if the opportunity presents itself too. But, for the most part, my season has peaked with the arrowing of this doe. From here to December 15, we are on the slow decline.

So it’s time to examine the important things I learned this season and continue that endless quest towards archery improvement with my longbow.

Let’s start with the things I learned.

First, this season was a rainy one. So, for next year, I’m going to have a better way to keep my feathers dry. I ended up covering them in baggies on several hunts when I got caught out in the rain, but this was very noisy and inconvenient. I’ll splurge and buy the commercial…

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