Well – we came home empty handed, but we had one heck of a good time.  Danny and myself spent the entire week at Joe Kurz WMA in Meriwether County, Georgia, camping and bowhunting the last week of deer at the wildlife management area.  Danny borrowed a trailer from his cousin, while I roughed it in a Wenzel Timber Ridge tent all week.

I’ve made comments before about ‘this is Georgia, I’m from the frozen north, so I usually sleep on top of my sleeping bag, not in it.’   Not last week, Wednesday night was in the mid 20’s, and Thursday night, my survival thermometer read 19′ when I woke up.  Since the ONLY really cold weather hunting gear I own is a bib-and-parka set that I somewhat doubt I could draw a bow in, we actually slept in that morning instead of hunting. (Actually, I was up around 4:30am, as usual, but we didn’t go out.)

We saw plenty of deer as a group, including a few nice ones, but they were either out of range, or at night driving back to camp. Only two of us got shots off, and neither of us came home with a deer, sad to say, but the effort was there, and we enjoyed ourselves.

Our time at Joe Kurz was great, but really, we could have spent a month there and not hunted all of the places that looked good.

New Products Used:

Zippo Outdoors: 

Cedar Fire Starters – The instructions on these disks say to break them into quarters, and use one quarter to start a fire.  Not only did they REALLY work well, several of the folks we were camping with stated that they will be buying some for themselves.

Flex-Neck Utility Lighter – We used this to basically light every single fire this weekend, whether it was the campfire, my propane stove, Danny’s camp stove, etc.  Easy to fill with butane, and very easy to use.


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