Ten Whitetail Bow Hunting Tips

Posted: 10/25/2013 in Hunting

Good advice!


With October here, many of us will be heading to the woods for early archery season. Listed below are ten bowhunting tips that will help you be successful in harvesting your next whitetail deer.     Image

1. Preseason Scouting – The last thing you want to do is scout a hunting area the day you go in to set your stand. Leaving your sent all around and boogering up the area will surely lead to reduced sightings. I scout at least a month prior to opening day and have my location picked out and lanes trimmed.

2. Tree Stand Positioning – Whether you have a portable, ladder or permanent stand, the position that you set your stand on the tree in reference to the runway that you expect the deer to approach on is critical. If at all possible have the tree between you and the runway. Too many hunters like see…

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