Danny and I drove up to Sheffield WMA yesterday – the last three weekends, after dropping my daughter off at her ‘job’ at SoPhar Ranch (helping at a horse barn in exchange for a partial lease on a palomino gelding), we’ve headed out to the woods, the first two times, scouting at Joe Kurz WMA, yesterday, we took our bows up to Sheffield WMA since it’s open until December, and it’s archery only.


We had a good time, saw plenty of deer sign (no rubs yet though, very odd, usually we’d be seeing rub lines this time of year), and gathered our gear for an evening hunt.  Danny, being apparently the offspring of a mongoose and a mountain goat, goes up and down hills like they aren’t there.  I stayed in the bottom, Danny went half way up the next hill.  We could both hear something playing in the river, but honestly, we had no idea if it was a river otter, Sasquatch, or a fawn,

We didn’t see anything other than woodpeckers and bugs, but a day in the woods is still better than a day indoors.

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