Deer Hunting is Good for You

Posted: 10/11/2013 in Hunting

I agree with all of that – in addition, wanting to be a better hunter has motivated me to get healthier all year long, hitting the gym, hiking, etc.

Spoon River Wellness Bulletin

When you think of activities that exemplify health, wellness and psychological well-being, what do you think of?

You might think of running, going to the gym, or other activities that promote physical movement. You might think of healthy eating, or quality sleep. Perhaps you think of contemplative type practices such as yoga or meditation.

Quality time with friends and loved ones might come to mind, as might church attendance or prayer.

All of these are, in fact, highly associated with well-being.  But I’d like to suggest somthing else, something that probably does not make it onto most people’s list of wellness promoting activities. It should, though, as it involves a whole lot of things that are highly conducive to physical and psychological well-being.

I’d like to suggest that deer hunging is a near perfect “wellness-enhancing” activity.  Let’s look at what is entailed in hunting for deer to see why this…

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