Archery Season: Week 1 in Review

Posted: 10/09/2013 in Hunting

That’s about how our season went – no deer in the freezer, but lots of good information.

Hardwoods Hunter



Week one of archery season in Indiana has wrapped itself up. I’ve seen deer, turkey, a million squirrels, cats, and even heard a bobcat. In short, week one has left me empty handed, but not without some good information.  The hunting has been good, but the hunter not so much. I’ve basically been hunting the small piece of property here behind my house. 

Tuesday morning (opening day) kicked off with quite the uneventful morning.  Fur nor hooves were moving about during the morning hours. The squirrels, however, were just going crazy which made me realize that acorns everywhere this year! Early on in the season the squirrels were cutting on hickory and even pine! Now their hitting the acorns hard and there definitely isn’t a shortage. I’m thinking that this is good because once it gets cooler and closer to winter, I’m hoping the deer will start hitting the acorns…

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