Archery elk hunt 2013

Posted: 10/01/2013 in Hunting

An elk hunt, archery or gun, is one of my ‘dream’ hunts – sadly, my budget is currently at the ‘shoestrings are expensive’ level, but I’ll get there. (Now I’m picturing myself on a mobility chair with a crossbow, looking curmudgeonly…)

Chasing the Wild Outdoors

September 23rd found me with the Sequoia packed and up at dawn headed down the road.  A summer worth of practice, some new equipment, and an eager attitude followed me to a place that has become my second home in the fall.  Southeastern Montana has some of the best elk hunting in the state.  It is tough to hunt, and though, not maybe the numbers of elk like the western part of the state, the quality and size are as equal.  I was especially looking forward to this hunt as my dad and brother would be the only other hunting companions this year.

The weather was good, a bit warm, and the excitement unbearable.  Camp was set up in record time, and I was soon plotting my first evening.  I was going to scout out familiar areas.  I was able to hear a few bugles, but unable to actually see…

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