Bear Down! The legend of Squeekules.

Posted: 09/06/2013 in Hunting

I’d love to be able to budget another good bear hunt, but it won’t be this year or probably next year…


It often amazes me what people do in their stands while in wait.  Some nap, some eat, some even make shadow puppets….not Jamie, nope not Jamie.

Jamie’s hunt began just like everyone elses, with optimism and excitement.  He knew what he was waiting for and he was prepared for what to do when it got there…..boy did it take its time!!

As he sat scanning the forest around him for any sign of movement, he spotted something from the corner of his eye.  I little red squirrel was climbing down the tree that was just six inches from his left.  Slowly this little red fellow crept while keeping a watchful eye on Jamie.  He made his way slowly onto the branch directly by his face and looked him in the eye.  Jamie gave little notice at first until he realized that this critter wasn’t leaving…he was perfectly happy to size…

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