Arrows, Atl-Atls, and Abiquiu, Oh My!

Posted: 09/01/2013 in Hunting

I used to be fairly good with an atl-atl, but it’s been 20 years since I used one.

Running Sunflower

One word describes last weekend: adventures.

On Saturday, I participated in my first weekend archery shoot. Shifting from lower-key Thursday shoots to a bigger weekend one meant it wouldn’t just be my boyfriend and I meandering from target to target – we would be in a group with four or five other people. All of them more experienced than I.

Oh well! I was determined to have fun and to not take things too seriously. Learning = good; fretting = bad.

Well, wouldn’t you know, we were assigned to shoot with the best archers at the range. I kid you not. One of the guys ended the day with a score that more than tripled mine.


Honestly, though? I didn’t mind. I made a conscious effort to keep my focus on fun, and it worked. And the guys in our group were great, keeping the mood light…

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