Earlier this week I was invited to a long range shooting session about an hour from my home.   This wasn’t at a fancy range, or some hoidy toidy club, this was at a friends hunting lease.  I wasn’t quite sure what they meant by ‘long range,’ to me, 200-250 yards is long range, and I rarely get a chance to shoot 150 yards, let alone longer ranges.  The hunting camp I visit in middle Georgia only has a 70 yard long range set up, with a bench that could be described as ‘for little people. Not for Niko.’

This was different.  T brought a Birchwood Casey shooting bench (which seems to be discontinued, I can’t find a listing for it), while Clay brought a metal target and some long range targets.  I brought some target cardboard, and we all brought long rifles, of course.

I’ll probably mess some of these up, but there was a .300 Winchester Magnum, a .300 Remington Ultra Mag, a 7mm Remington Magnum, a .270, a 30-07, a .308 Winchester, and a 7mm Short Mag.   Apparently, we like magnum rifles.

The three of us spent about an hour zeroing the rifles at 100 yards, then moved up one hill.  Clay ran out on his ATV and set up a 300 yard target and a 500 yard target.   Clay and T both pegged the 500 yard target, and we all hit the 300 yard target, though to be fully honest, I hit the 300 yard target with T’s 7mm Short Mag, he hit it with everything he used, including my .300 Ultra mag.  I didn’t shoot at the 500 yard target. Even with the SPOTTING SCOPE, it was tiny, and if I couldn’t consistently hit the 300 yard, 8″ target, there wouldn’t be much point in shooting at the 500, between the bifocals and the astigmatism, even with optics the world is a fuzzy place to me.  I was happy with the 100 yard and 300 yard practice, and practically speechless at the ease with which Clay and T hit the 500 yard target.  At that distance, even with a VERY nice Nikon spotting scope, it was nearly impossible to see where the misses were impacting to direct the fire on target.

Here are the photos I snapped – some are from my phone, some from my Samsung:


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