One of the problems I’ve seen at the camp I frequent is that we’re entirely dependent on rainfall for our food plots.  Most years, this means we end up growing sand, and as Sam Kinison liked to say “Nothing GROWS in SAND!”

The late Sam Kinison

The late Sam Kinison

Then I spotted a post on Twitter from Advanced Power – now, at this point, I can’t AFFORD one of these systems, but for larger operations, or for leases that have a large number of members, this could very well be an excellent option for providing water to food plots and/or watering locations for wildlife.

Here’s part of their page:

For 25 years people around the globe have depended on our solar powered water pumping systems to pump water for livestock, wildlife, homes and cabins,  and small irrigation.
The newest line of business is our Prepper kits for those concerned about things turning bad in our Country.
Try our state of the art Aluminum housing, Brushless motor solar pumps with even greater pump life than before!  We stand behind our products with the highest level of customer service.  We take care of you!
We invite you to join the thousands of satisfied customers we are serving today.   Let us know what a solar water pumping system from Advanced Power Inc. can do for you. We think you will love our easy to use systems!

So, if you’ve got livestock that need reliable water, remote food plots, or a disaster prepping need for off-the-grid water from a well, head over to Advanced Power and take a look.  One of the projects that the company is working on is VERY interesting to me as well:

We will soon be offering kits to attach to your deer feeders with solar powered/battery green led lights to light up the area under your feeder so you can shoot hogs during the night when they like to feed.


No, I don’t get royalties, I just liked the guy on Twitter and the idea is solid, so I thought I’d do a quick write up. It’s my blog, I can do what I want. 😉 – Niko


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