Danny and I spend part of Sunday at Paulding Forest Wildlife Management Area scouting and squirrel hunting.  Really, we figured we’d scout and IF we saw a squirrel (because we weren’t planning on sitting down for any amount of time), well, small game season is in, no sense in NOT taking a .22 with us.

Instead, we ended up with a timber rattlesnake.  Before anyone starts digging through the regulations, I’ve already checked, venomous snakes are NOT protected in Georgia, and this one was laying across a path that somebody had already (illegally) mountain biked through that morning, apparently with a dog, so not only was I making certain it didn’t bite me, Danny, or any other hunter, I was also protecting some smeg head* that believes Wildlife Management Area rules do not apply to him or her.

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*You’d have to have watched Red Dwarf (old British Science Fiction comedy) or know a decent amount of British slang to get that one…


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